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OGN The Champions: Semi Finals

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
May 5, 2012 03:39

ImageAs OGN's The Champions Semi Finals have been played, the two teams for the Finals are fixed: MiG Frost will play against MiG Blaze!

The first season of The Champions is about to end and the finalist are eventually known.

MiG Frost, the first competitor who made it into The Champions' Finals, was chosen on Wednesday. Because of a thrilling five game Semi-Final, the atmosphere in the Yongsan E-Sports Stadium was more than hot. Both teams, KR MiG Frost and KR Xenics Blast, showed an outstanding performance. Even though MiG Frost seemed on par with Xenics Storm, they were able show that they have the upper hand in the fifth and final game.
OGN's special blind pick rule, regarding the last match of a series, made the series even more intense. If you want to read the details about the matches have a look at OGN's game report.

With MiG Frost in the Finals, KR MiG Blaze surely felt pressured. However, the Semi Finals on friday looked more like a walk in the park, as MiG Blaze managed to beat KR TeamOP with a confident 3-1. Although the games were mostly one-sided, they still were very entertaining.

As if they games were not epic enough, Riot gave out free dinner and drinks to the spectators.
That being said, we are really looking forward to the final games of OGN's The Champions, which will be played on May 19th.




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