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GSL RO8 Day 1 Recap & Day 2 Preview

By Coen 'Mithax' Hup
May 3, 2012 00:17

ImageThe first semi-finalists of the GSL code S this season are known. Here is a recap of what happened in the GSL code S RO8 Day 1 and a short preview of the remaining RO8 matches tomorrow.

The first series of the day would be one of the most eagerly awaited series with the last foreign hope, SE Johan 'Naniwa' Lucchesi taking on The King of Terrans KR Jong Hyeon 'xxxMVP' Jeong. The Swedish Protoss was eager to equal SE Jonathan 'Jinro' Walsh's semi final record in code S and show the world why he has come so far. His opponent wants to be the first to have 4 GSL titles under his belt and prove to the world why he is still considered the best Terran. MVP has been at the stop of his game due to having wrists problems caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrom in both hands.

Match #1: SE Johan 'Naniwa' Lucchesi versus KR Jong Hyeon 'xxxMVP' Jeong

Game 1:
The series began on Cloud Kingdom. NaNiwa went for a gas opening, taking double gas on fifteen, but mining from both with just two Probes, showing an intricately prepared build. Opposite him, MVP 1 rax FEd, with the Protoss Nexus going up a little bit later. MVP went for a Marine/Tank/Medivac army composition, but NaNiwa had used his early gas for an extremely quick Colossus tech, having two Collosi out with extended range by the 9.30 mark. MVP took up a defensive position though, stopping a push from NaNiwa with some well positioned Siege Tanks in his base. With NaNiwa trying to take a third, MVP moved out with five Siege Tanks and a bunch of bio. A strong engagement meant MVP took a lead, but he sacced Scvs in the attack, giving NaNiwa a chance. Keeping his army alive, MVP moved towards NaNiwas natural. Poor Force Fields funnelled NaNiwa’s Zealot heavy army, and MVP took game one in a tense first map.

NaNiwa 0 - 1 MVP

Game 2:

Game two was on Entombed Valley, NaNiwa went for a Forge fast expand, but MVP opened up with three rax for a strong pressure against the Nexus first build of his opponent. Despite putting up a second cannon and a third later, with SCVs pulled, MVP took game two easily, overrunning the main of NaNiwa before he could get out enough units to have a chance at defending.

NaNiwa 0 - 2 MVP

Game 3:

With NaNiwa’s tournament life on the line, the map would be Antiga Shipyard. NaNiwa did some early damage with Blink Stalkers into the main after expansion, but MVP held it off with a Raven and Siege Tanks, taking out NaNi’s Observers in the process. MVP tried to counter-attack, but NaNiwa raced down the ramp with charge completed and crushed the five Siege Tank army of MVP. With having a Probe lead from the earlier attack, MVP was too far behind to deal with NaNi’s army and had to GG out.

NaNiwa 1 - 2 MVP

Game 4:

With MVP leading 2-1, the series moved to Daybreak. An extremely tense game followed, which really must be watched to be believed. MVP proxied two rax but NaNiwa scouted it. MVP pulled a ton of SCVs from his main and was able to get a bunker up in the NaNiwas base. With the bunker up, MVP’s marines were defended from Stalkers outranging them, and a second bunker got up. Despite pulling Probes, NaNiwa couldn’t break the double Bunkers. He fought on, but MVP built a third Bunker in range of the Nexus and forced a GG.

NaNiwa 1 - 3 MVP

MVP didn't want to get into long macro intensive games with his opponent showing that his Carpal Tunnel was really causing him problems after each game. Using some early game rushing, he punished his opponent today for his greedy economical play.

LG-IMMVP advances to the semi-finals! Quantic.Naniwa will be in Code S next season.

Match #2:KR Lee-Sak 'PartinG' Won versus KRKim 'Oz' Hak Soo

Game 1:
The series got underway on Atlantis Spaceship, with Oz going Nexus first in PvP. He got a Forge to try and defend his natural with cannons, but PartinG chose to go for a Blink Stalker build. Trying to put on some early pressure with five stalkers in Oz's base he took out the cannon with simple micro and Oz just didn't have enough Gateway units to stop the small force forcing a very fast GG out of Oz.

Startale.PartinG 1 - 0 FXOz

Game 2:
Once again, game two would be on Entombed Valley. Oz tried to do some damage with his Blink Stalkers but was ment by PartinG superior Immortals. Using an observer to scout, PartinG saw Oz try to take a Nexus and immediately moved out for a counter-attack. PartinG used his Immortals to zone out Oz’s Stalkers, preventing them from counter-attacking as he marched his Gateway army across the map. With Oz’s Stalkers completely out of position, PartinG simply walked up the ramp into Oz's empty base and simply won the game.

Startale.PartinG 2 - 0 FXOz

Game 3:
The third map was Daybreak. Both players started out safe with Oz going for a gas first opener aiming for Dark Templars to come back into the series. Oz had no luck with this as PartinG found the Dark Shrine in time quickly getting an Observer out to nullify the upcoming DTs. With no real action ensuing both players took their expansions in the following minutes. PartinG went for Blink Stalkers while Oz went for Immortals. Using his superior Blink mobility PartinG slowly picked off units and brought Oz down slowly sweeping the series 3-0.

Startale.PartinG 3 - 0 FXOz

Startale.PartinG advances to the semi-finals vs MVP! FXOz will play Code S next season.

Day 2 Preview:

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the GSL RO8 with two tense PvT's on the agenda.

Match #1
KR Young Jin 'SuperNoVa' Kim versus KRSong Hyun 'HerO' Deok

This match could honestly go either way, with the runner-up of IEM Sao Paulo oGs.Supernova taking on HerO in his first code S. Already reaching the RO8 this first code S tournament could not have gone better for the Protoss player from Team Liquid and now all that blocks him from reaching the Semi Finals is the seasoned Terran player Supernova.

Prediction: 3-1 for Liquid.HerO

Match #1
KR Hyun-Woo 'Squirtle' Park versus KRYoung Seo 'TaeJa' Yoon

This PvT will certainly be one hell of match. Squirtle has not been doing as well in the GSL as in international tournaments. The runner-up of IPL4 secured his code A spot in the GSL 2012 Season 1 and by going undefeated in the Up & Down Matches he claimed a spot in code S for Season 2. Now he has reached the RO8 defeating the likes of NaDa, MMA, Oz and Maru on his way and is certainly not done yet. His opponent will be Liquid.TaeJa who has been doing extremely well since he was picked up by Team Liquid defeating DRG, Jjakji, TheStC and MKP on his way to the Quarter Finals and he is eager to possibly meet his teammate in the Semi Finals.

Prediction: 3-2 for Startale.Squirtle

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