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IPL Fight Club #15 Recap: MC wins

By Coen 'Mithax' Hup
May 1, 2012 16:23

ImageMC has defended his IPL Fight Club title winning 5-3 over Stephano.

SK Gaming's KR has won IPL Fight Club #15, a weekly King of the Hill showmatch event. He defeated FR Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri in a close Best of 9. After being down 3-2 in maps to the team Millenium Zerg our Obamatoss took 3 wins in a row to claim the win 5 to 3 and another 500$. MC has been dominating Zergs all year only losing two series so far but Stephano is far from an easy opponent. Here is a recap of what happened in this tense PvZ.

Game 1:

The first map in the series was Cloud Kingdom which is considered a more Zerg favored map due to its size. MC went for Nexus first and then getting a Forge / Cannon wall whilst Stephano went for a quick third base as he saw MC was not aiming for anything early game. MC put on some pressure at the 9 minute mark on Stephano's third with a nice zealot warp in and suffered some hefty economic damage in the process even having less workers then MC at that point. MC took his third and looked in great shape going for immortals to counter the roaches which Stephano is known for using in mass numbers.

The match developed into the later stages with MC getting Blink tech and double upgrades from his two Forges with his opponent going Infestor/Roach/Lings. MC predicted this very well going for heavy upgrades and Colossi. Stephano was taking expansions left and right and going for his late game army composition with Brood Lords/Infestors/Lings. MC reacted by launching a big attack with a nearly maxed Protoss army near Stephano's base but it proved unsuccesful as Stephano had a superior economy and reinforcements coming from his six bases.

After losing all of his army in this engagement, MC went back to re-max but couldn't hold up against the staggering amount of 22 Brood Lords that Stephano had and was forced to GG minutes later.

MC 0 - 1 Stephano

Game 2:

Ohana was the second map of the series picked by MC as he lost the first map, Ohana is considered a Protoss favored map with some narrow choke points. Starting with the same starting build, MC went for a 17 Nexus and Forge. His opponent had the same idea as in Game 1, going for 3 bases fast and then going for his famed Roach style. He was caught off-guard by the Void Ray and Zealot early pressure. This forced Stephano to get alot of Spore Crawlers in his main as MC had walled off the reinforcements with Force Fields. With no real anti-air MC was doing alot of damage picking off Queens and Roaches with multiple Void Rays. This pressure forced Stephano to go Hydralisk for their high damage and anti-air. The French Zerg went in for a counter-attack expecting MC to have a lack of Gateway units but that plan did not end well as MC cleaned up his forces with key Force Fields letting the +1 Zealots do some amazing damage on the Hydralisks.

With a mix of Gateway units and Colossi MC went for his own counter-attack against the Roach/Hydralisk army of Stephano and with some amazing Force Fields he split up the army of Stephano and took it out bit by bit.

MC 1 - 1 Stephano

Game 3:

Stephano picked Antiga Shipyard as the third map. With the two last maps being long macro heavy maps, MC went for a 1 base 3 gate pressure/all-in. With Warp-Gate finishing up at the 6 minute mark MC went in to do some damage and with some excellent stalker micro and non stop reinforcements he did more damage then he expected. Stephano felt abit too confident even droning up whilst getting pressured which proved to be fatal as MC was taking out all the Zerglings and Spore Crawlers leaving Stephano with no choice but to tap out.

MC 2 - 1 Stephano

Game 4:

Game 4 leads us to Atlantis Spaceship. Another large map which ment that both went for early expansions with Stephano taking a really early third base and droning up heavily. MC went for a 2 base and tried putting some pressure on Stephano's third but the French Zerg was prepared for it this time and suffered no losses. With the economical advantage at his side he continued his Drone production.

Before the 12 minute mark Stephano was nearly maxed and created a huge supply lead. Stephano stormed into MC's expansion who did not pay attention enough to block the Roaches with Force Fields leaving his army exposed and cleaned up seconds later.

MC 2 - 2 Stephano

Game 5:

Daybreak was the fifth map of the series. Both players continued to do the same openers as the last few maps with MC going for Nexus and Forge first and Stephano getting his three base up early and going for a Roach army. MC didn't want this game to last long so he went for 2 base 7 gate all-in with heavily upgraded Blink Stalkers and Zealots. It turned out to be very succesful at first taking out the third base of Stephano but he got sandwiched by Roaches moments later as we saw Stephano's macro kick into action and leading by up to 70 supply. He then pressed onwards to MC's base and our Korean Protoss had no
reply to this amount of Roaches and was forced to GG moments later and letting Stephano retake the lead in this BO9.

MC 2 - 3 Stephano

Game 6:

The sixth map of this tense BO9 was Entombed Valley chosen by MC. Stephano has been doing the same opener every game and the same is to be said of MC except game 3 and this game was no exception. MC did take a different tech route this match opting for some early Phoenix and Void Ray pressure which took out 4 Queens and only losing 1 Void Ray in the process.

Stephano reacted by going Mutalisks for the first time which proved to be a bad choice as MC used his 6 range Phoenix and Blink Stalkers/Colossi to clear Stephano army combination of Muta/Ling/Infestors. MC did some great blinks under the Mutalisks taking out several at a time and clearing his way through Stephano's expansions essentially bringing him back to two bases. Stephano couldn't do any damage with his last flock of Mutalisks and MC claimed map #6.

MC 3 - 3 Stephano

Game 7:

Sanshorn Mists was chosen by Stephano to be map #7. Stephano wanted to change his strategy this game and went for an early Spawning Pool but it was scouted by MC who reacted with a Cannon wall.

Eventhough Stephano scouted the Cannons he still went for a banelings bust which proved somewhat succesful taking out several units and structures but it did not deal the economic damage that Stephano had hoped. With both still being on 2 bases MC went for a mix of heavy Gateway units and Colossi and Stephano with Roach/Infestors.

At the 17 minute mark a big mistake positioning mistake made MC lose two Colossi. But With some great force fields in the upcoming big engagement MC emerged victorious and with a 40 supply lead he forced his way into Stephano's base and was now on Match Point.

MC 4 - 3 Stephano

Game 8:

Game number 8 was played on Metropolis and Stephano's final map choice. The early game was standard for PvZ with both getting expansions and with MC going for Stargate tech which has been working out very well in this BO9. He did not go agressive with them this time but mainly kept them for map control while he was taking an early third base.

The midgame evolved into a Roach push into the third of MC but with another round of sick Force Fields he cleared up the agression and continued macro-ing up ad taking out Queens and Overlords left and right with his group of Phoenix.

Another round of Roaches was used minutes later this time taking out the third of MC and his Robotics Facility but losing alot of Roaches in the process. This triggered MC to launch a counter-attack with his Gateway and Colossi army combination. Stephano held off with his Roach/Infestor combination and his Spine Crawler wall.

The late game turned into an all out slaughter with Stephano killing a ton of workers with a Zergling run-by but he couldn't hold the far superior army composition of MC in the front of his base and with MC getting Blink Stalkers, this proved to be too much for the French Zerg from Team Millenium and therefore he had no choice but to congratulate KR on his win.

Final Score:MC 5 - 3 Stephano

IPL Fight Club #16 MC vs Polt

Next week MC will face off against one of the most succesful Terrans of 2012, KR Seong Hun 'Polt' Choi. Polt has been a world class player the past year. He not only won Assembly, but in every foreign tournament he's entered across the globe, he's at least placed high enough to win money. Having already won 1200$ SK Gaming's KR will not give up his 300$ bounty for free.

SK Gaming are recruiting editors. Find out how you can get involved via the Jobs page.



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