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Top 5 EU-West: Support

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
May 3, 2012 19:48

ImageHello, dear Summoners, and welcome to the third article covering the best players from EU-West. Time for the support role!

Support players usually don’t get enough of the hype surrounding other roles in the game, so this week we’re giving them some much needed attention. They are the ones who can assure the AD carry's nice early game by preventing damage or sustaining health and the ones who can make up for most of their teammates’ mistakes, and they do so with the absolute minimum of resources. This leads to the conclusion they should probably be praised much more often. So, let’s do it.


The fifth spot goes to EU SK Gaming ‘s DE Patrick 'Nyph' Funke. He’s a veteran player with more than two years of experience in League of Legends and has been sharing the bottom lane with his partner DE Adrian 'Candy Panda' Wübbelmann for a year already. There’s a very strong relationship between the two of them, it’s almost like they can read each other’s minds by now. He also possesses great map awareness and has a vast knowledge of the game overall, thus he’s often giving suggestions on what his team should do next in order to win. Nyph is successfully balancing between his real life job and the competitive play and has attended almost all of the offline tournaments until now.

Nyph chose the support role because Janna was the champion that fascinated him the most at the beginning. She remains his favorite even now, simply because he finds her the most fun to play with and because at the moment she is a little ahead of other supports, too. He also thinks that Nunu is a very strong pick, especially when combined with Kog’Maw or Vayne he becomes a part of one of the strongest possible bottom lanes.

Nyph’s solo queue ELO is 2278 and his ranked stats are 479 wins, 328 losses and a 59.4% win ratio. 6 of his 10 most played champions are supports. Here are some additional ranked facts from his Summoner profile:

Sona: won 73; lost 49; win ratio 59.8%

Janna: won 78; lost 36; win ratio 68.4%

Taric: won 24; lost 13; win ratio 64.9%


DK Andreas 'Xinec' Krogsbøll from EU Absolute Legends gets the fourth place. He is yet another veteran player, who has been in the top spots of the solo queue ladder before being picked up by his current team and becoming a known figure in the community. He enjoys the support role very much and aims to give his AD carry a safe laning phase, while the jungler focuses on the two solo lanes.


Xinec (on the right end of the picture) with his teammates

Xinec’s preferred champions are Janna and Soraka, because even though they are not the best at controlling the lane, they are the two safest laners for the AD carry in his opinion. He has really mastered all the amazing possibilities Janna gives to the one playing with her. A good example for this would be a match between EU Absolute Legends and RU Moscow Five that took place last week. A fight occurred in the blue side’s bottom lane tribush and Moscow 5’s RU Eugene 'Darien' Mazaev on Wukong jumped on all 5 of Absolute Legends with his ult. Xinec was fast as a lightning and by using his ult send Wukong flying into the dragon pit, where he continued spinning all alone. That patience and incredibly fast reactions are really important for a support player so that he can succeed in saving his teammates when needed and Xinec definitely has them perfected.

Xinec’s solo queue ELO is 2090 with 264 wins and 190 losses which sums up to a 58.1% win ratio. He is really dedicated to his support role which is shown by his most played champions – 8 out of 9 are such champions. Additional ranked information from his Summoner profile is provided below:

Soraka: won 84; lost 70; win ratio 54.5%

Janna: won 92; lost 34; win ratio 73%

Alistar: won 28; lost 17; win ratio 62.2%


RU Moscow Five ’s RU Edward 'Edward' Abgarian occupies the third spot. He gained a lot of fame after the IEM Kiev qualifiers where he did the so called now “Empire” move. Hidden in the brush as Nunu, he channeled his ultimate and did tons of damage (not without the help of Karthus’ ult and Ashe’s volley though), which resulted in a triple kill for his team. Since then a lot of top support players have not only tried to copy the hidden ult, but also started to use Nunu in the bottom lane much more frequently when paired with champions like Kog’Maw, Ashe or Vayne, who benefit greatly from his attack speed buff.

Except for Nunu, he is often seen playing Sona, Alistar and Taric. Even the shoutcasters at the IEM World Championship were calling him “Combat Janna” because of his aggressive and quite successful plays with the champion. His Alistar W + Q combo never misses as well. When RU Eugene 'Genja007' Andryushin was playing alone in the bot lane at the IEM final versus Dignitas, GoSu Pepper was roaming with Moscow 5’s jungler RU Daniel 'Diamondprox' Reshetnikov and setting up kills for his teammates with this combo.

His solo queue ELO is 2406 and he has 793 wins, 608 losses and a 56.6% win ratio. If you want to check his Summoner profile yourselves, search for WorstSupport007, because he recently changed his in-game name. Here are some of his ranked stats ready for you though:

Sona: won 50; lost 22; win ratio 69.4%

Janna: won 37; lost 19; win ratio 66.1%

Nunu: won 18; lost 6; win ratio 75%

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