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AP Ezreal Inspiration: Most Satisfying One Shot!

By Matthew 'WhatTheMoose' McDermott
Apr 30, 2012 21:49

ImageReally nice gameplay, commentary from ranked and normals to inspire you to stray away from the meta and experiment with AP Ezreal. Including nice advice and tips highlighting his burst damage and late game viability.

Hey guys it’s What the Moose here, I’ve been playing a lot of AP Ezreal in solo queue at around 2000 ELO and I’ve really been having a lot of fun. I’m not trying to say AP Ezreal is the best AP carry, I’m just trying to show you his potential, show you some tips and tricks and hopefully encourage you to give him a go!

I honestly think he is a better AP carry than Zigg’s and Lux despite the fact he doesn’t give the same CC as Lux, but I don’t want to give away too much about the video!

Without further delay please check out the video, let me know what you think in the comments below and please feel free to tell me any ideas/requests for the future. Thanks!

Main Tips:

1. This isn’t a guide set in stone, it’s just some gameplay for you to take the best bits from, incorporate them into your gameplay and play Ez better than me! I mention runes, masteries and build in the video but encourage you to experiment with what works best for you.
2. Put yourself in the enemy’s position when you want to hit your ulti. For example if you were on low HP and the other team has Ezreal where would you go to avoid the ulti, where would you try and hide.
3. Take a point in Q early for last hitting in lane and to allow you to harass more often with W and E as Q passively reduces the cool-down of all your other moves.
4. Practice using E and W as one move and practice using R E W Q as one move to get the best one shots!
5. In team fights you really shouldn’t ulti unless you can hit more than 3 enemies, however if you can one-shot one of their carries it’s more than acceptable.
6. When you are chasing someone or you are getting chased and your E and Flash are on cooldown, hit anything with your Q; (minions, neutral camps or the enemy champion if possible) to get your E off cooldown faster.
7. When you pick up Lich Bane you will be hitting up to 1,000 damage every 3 seconds with Q (depending on your AP) as well as being able to use your abilities more often.

Please check out my YouTube Channel for more advanced guides. Feel free to like and follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date.

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