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markeloff 1on1 2/4: dominating mTw

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Apr 29, 2012 18:38

ImageIn part 2 markeloff talks about Na`Vi's domination of mTw, beating the two 2010 fnatic lineups and how he thinks CT side of inferno should be played.

The mighty UA Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov of UA Natus Vincere is the next subject in the SK Gaming 1on1 series. The Ukrainian is best known for his incredible speed and accuracy with the AWP, in particular showcased on the CT side of maps like train and dust2. markeloff was the star player for Na`Vi during their 2010 run which saw them break the prize money record for a single year and win all three major titles.

In part two, of four, markeloff discusses Na`Vi's legendary rivalry with DK mTw, overcoming both versions of SE fnatic 2010 and his thoughts on how CT side should be played on dust2 and inferno.

How was Na`Vi able to accomplish seemingly everything in a single year? What is the moment Na`Vi first "clicked" in a tournament? Which match was mTw's best chance to beat Na`Vi? How did UA Zeus save Na`Vi in the WCG final? What was the significance of the ESWC 2010 playoff run? How should teams play on CT side of inferno?

Timeline of topics

Na`Vi doing it all in one year: prize money record, all the majors, dominating

The moment Na`Vi first clicked

Na`Vi dominating mTw

Was mTw the second or third best team of 2010?

Which match was mTw's best chance to beat Na`Vi?

Did markeloff feel mTw was afraid of playing Na`Vi?

If mTw had gotten different bracket draws, with Na`Vi drawing fnatic, could mTw have won some titles?

Would Na`Vi have still been as successful in the rest of 2010 if they'd lost the IEM IV Global Finals?

Destroying the best teams in the world in the playoffs of ESWC

owning f0rest every round as T on dust2

Feeling when fnatic got Gux back

IEM V Shanghai first meeting of Na`Vi vs. fnatic

Na`Vi as the underdog at the IEM V World Championship

markeloff explains how teams should play as CT on inferno and dust2



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