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Varus Patch Preview: Gameplay Changes

Apr 28, 2012 18:27

ImageTo make your time spend waiting for Varus a bit shorter and to inform you about some of the major changes in the upcoming patch, Riot have now released their patch preview.

All of us are in wait for the latest member to finally join the League: Varus. The glorious patch that is going to bring the new AD carry to the Fields of Justice is coming closer every day and Riot have now released the official patch preview.

The patch will includes changes for Alistar, Amumu, Leona, Nunu, Taric, Master Yi, Ryze, and a few items.

Magic Resist Per Level Changes

Alistar, Amumu, Leona, Nunu and Taric will receive Magist Resist Per Level

This change was made because support-orientated tanks get killed too easy and without a lot of focus. The MR Per Level should help these characters, who are mostly played in lane together with an AD carry, to still feel like actual tanks and grant them more survivability while they are getting their job done in the front lines.

Master Yi

Master Yi has some issues with his consistency, that whether make him dominate or fall behind.
In the next patch, the duration of Highlander is going to get up on lower ranks. This change has been made to give Yi an improved mid game teamfights presence and better ganking powers. As Yi's effectiveness is really dependent on how his early game is going, these changes should be fixing his current issues.


Ryze has major issues in high level play. He deals way too much damage while getting tankier throughout the whole game. Also, he pretty much only has one build without any other ways of variation.

In the next patch, Ryze will be going through a number of changes:

・ Overload and Rune Prison mana ratios are getting nerfed while Spell Flux is gaining one

・ Overload base damage and ability power ratio is going up

・ Spell Flux is going to prioritize enemy champions

・ Desperate Power will lose its passive mana and gain an active effect that grants Ryze additional movement speed

・ Some of Ryze's base stats, mana costs and spell ranges will be tweaked to make him more consistent to other mages

With these changes, the tanky build is going to deal less damage, so now buying AP becomes a much more attractive option. The speed buff during Ryze's ultimate grants you more gameplay options.

Ability Power Item Changes

Deathfire Grasp

-> To build Deathfire Grasp, you will have to buy Kage's Lucky Pick + Blasting Wand. (before: Kage's Lucky Pick + Fiendish Codex)

Deathfire Grasp is losing its mana regen and gains a higher amount of AP. These changes make it the kind of AP nuke item it is supposed to be. Furthermore, champions without mana can now consider this item as an option, since they are not wasting gold on mana regeneration.

Morello's Evil Tome

-> To build Morello's Evil Tome, you will have to buy Fiendish Codex + Kage's Lucky Pick (before: Fiendish Codex + Blasting Wand)

Additional to the change concerning the build, Morello's will also gain an active effect that reduces incoming healing of an enemy champion for a few seconds.

The fact that Morello's now includes a GP-10 item should make it very attractive to support players. It allows casters and supports to deal with healing and sustain without having to pick ignite as a Summer Spell any longer, which also makes this item pretty useful when facing a Mundo or Swain.

Will of the Ancients

The total cost for this item will increase, as it was too cost-efficient for its power. You will still be able to buy Will of the Ancients in the same old standing, but you will have to pay a higher amount of gold now.

All of these changes have been made to provide you with more choices of how to build you caster.

If you want to watch the Patch Preview video by Riot, head over to their YouTube channel.

What do you think about these changes? Which of them do you appreciate, and are there any that make you frown? Let us know in the comment section.



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