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Interview with apeX.Dominance 'Blackk'

By Malte 'Gravi7y' Gustafson
Apr 29, 2012 21:47

ImageapeX's Blackk talks about his team and the upcoming iSeries event they will attend next week.

iSeries is going to be held next weekend from 4th-7th May. We found a candidate who will compete in the MW3 tournament and who is talking about his team, the competition and the event itself. It is none other than well-known apeX member Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos.

SK: Hi Ellis, could you introduce yourself to the readers out there, please?

Blackk: "Hello my name is Ellis Strouthos and I'm currently playing for apeX Esports on MW3."

SK: Let us talk about Apex Dominance before we move onto i45. With two of your current teammates, Mak and Tobi, you were playing for western Wolves the last event, EGL 5, where you finished 2nd. So what are the reasons for changing the organization?

Blackk: "I think it mainly came down to mis-communication between both parties, which is never good. The situation did not seem to get better so I think as a team we felt it would be good to part ways on neutral grounds and start up apeX-Dominance."

SK: Mak, Tobi and you had the best European placement at EGL 5, so realistically how well do you think you can do at i45?

Blackk: "Yes we did have a very good placement, which we are pleased about. Regarding i45 we are going in strong and quite confident. We have not been able to have the best practice possible due to work commitments and myself having university exams in a few weeks, but we have tried out best to work on our mistakes from EGL and hope we all play well as a team at the event."

Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos (far right) representing apeX at CoD XP

SK: Actually what team are you most scared of playing and why?

Blackk: "I would say Prophecy as they have been playing quite a bit lately. Even though they have not got their full lineup, I still think they will be strong and they look like they have been play well online. I would also say pMp. They have a new lineup that looks really strong on paper."

SK: Other then yourselves, who do you think the main contenders are for the tournament?

Blackk: "There are not really a lot of teams attending this event due to the age limit so it has made the competition a little smaller than other events such as Reflex and EGL. Due to this there are only really about 3-4 of the top 12 teams attending. Even though we are not going in thinking will win the event as those 3-4 teams are very good. But yes prophecy are definitely there for the top spot."

SK: What are your expectations for the upcoming event?

Blackk: "Well I've never attended an iSeries before so I'm looking forward to see what it is like. I've known about it for years and seen a lot of footage on it and it looks highly professional in every aspect. The location I feel is ok, quite far for me but not too bad. I've met some of the people that run iSeries as they ran the COD UK XP qualifiers last year and that was run very well. Overall I'm expecting a well run tournament."

SK: What is your team aiming for after the i45 event? You want to stick with apeX and what events would you like to attend?

Blackk: "Yes we are happy in apex at the moment as we have only really just joined them. So the future is looking well. Regarding events we look to go to as many as we can. It sometimes is not possible to attend but I guess we are aiming to go to all the next EGLs, Reflexes and hoping to qualify for COD XP. Next year we would like to be attending MLG, if it's on the circuit."

SK: Thanks for taking the time out to do this, would you like to give a shotout to anyone?

Blackk: "Yes, I would like to give a shotout to all of my teammates, all of apex and sponsors, Riddlez and Chris Su. If I missed you out, I'm sorry but you know who you are."



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