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Lyn leaves Team Pandarae

By Trial 'Trial_Writer' Writer
Apr 23, 2012 19:06

ImagePark "Lyn" Joon has left the Chinese Team Pandarae due to financial and salary problems.

KR June 'Lyn' Park has left the Chinese Team Pandarae due to financial and salary problems. One of the most succesful Warcraft 3 players of all time, Lyn now plays Starcraft II as Terran when there’s not a Warcraft III tournament going on. Lyn became teamless in August 2011 as his former team WeMadeFox disbanded, so he left for China to join Pandarea Gaming on the 10th of September.

After not receiving any salary for 6 months he tried to clear it up with the manager of Team Pandarae but with no reply he had to make the hard choice and leave Team Pandarae. He has contacted a lawyer to clear up the situation of his missing salary.

Lyn was the only famous player on the Chinese team. After closing the team down earlier the restart with the addition of Lyn wasn’t enough. Lyn will be staying in China without a team currently to participate in the upcoming Chinese events.

Lastly Lyn added:

"the last eight months have been delightful and I am thankful, I leave Pandarea today but I will stay in China to practise for other tournaments. I want to thank the friends and fans I met in China."

Source: TeamLiquid

This post was written by trial editor: NL Mithax

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