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Top 5 EU-West: AD Carry

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Apr 27, 2012 15:44

ImageHello Summoners! We're back this week with more top players from EU-West, this time in the AD carry role.


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I guess you know the late-game monsters, who spend half of their games killing every possible enemy or neutral minion in order to be as fearsome as possible for when the team fights break out. Yes, the AD carries. You probably know it is rather hard to separate the magical combo that is formed by them and their support, too. Anyway, I tried my best to do that and here I present my personal ranking of the top 5 ranged DPS players on the EU-West server.


This time we're starting from the fifth spot. It goes to LT Algirdas 'Sleper' Saliamonas from EUAbsolute Legends . He may not be as famous as the other players who are higher in the ranking, but he is still an excellent one and is a part of a very good team. He participates in all online tournaments and has won many of them (mostly Go4LoL and 4PL). Sleper has also recently attended his first LAN together with his team. He has won lanes and outfarmed every top AD player and it hasn’t happened just once or twice.
Sleper is pretty much good enough with every AD champion and plays all of them on the same great level. One of his favorite champions though is Ezreal. He says that he is a fun one to play, but rather situational, especially in tournament matches. He is currently playing mostly Tristana and Corki and achieving a lot of success so far, so maybe he’ll soon make them his main champions.

Sleper’s solo queue ELO is 2217 with the huge amount of 540 ranked wins and only 308 losses, which gives him a win ratio of 63.7%. His 11 most played champs are all AD carries, only Kennen is a little behind than the others, maybe because he hasn’t been considered one for a long time. Here are some more ranked facts from his Summoner profile:

Ezreal: won 69; lost 38; win ratio 64.5%

Kog’Maw: won 48; lost 26; win ratio 64.9%

Urgot: won 37; lost 17; win ratio 68.5%

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