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An overview of Hecarim, the Shadow of War

By Linas 'Leethal' Markulevicius
Apr 24, 2012 14:26



1. Introduction
2. Abilities
3. Items
4. Runes, Masteries and Summoner spells
5. Judgment

Runes and Masteries

9x Marks of Desolation, 9x Seals of Resilience, 9x Glyphs of Warding 9x Quintessences of Strength – So old, works on almost every bruiser and on majority of AD junglers. Not much to comment on this rune page, gives you tankiness and damage.

9x Marks of Alacrity, 9x Seals of Resilience, 9x Glyphs of Warding, 3x Quintessences of Swiftness – This page is a bit more interesting. Alacrity marks help you get off more attacks, which makes you proc your Wriggle's' extra damage on jungle creeps and minions more often. Quintessences of Swiftness are a really nice choice for Hecarim. Swiftness quints not only give you more movement speed, but also some attack damage because of your passive!

For masteries there’s nothing really unique that makes you say “wow, I haven’t seen this”.

9/21/0 – The defensive rune page is kind of a must for Hecarim because his natural tankiness isn’t that high. He doesn’t have any passive that would give him magic resist or armor, he doesn’t have any ability that would give him a shield or any other tanky stat. 9 points in offensive mastery tree gives you some really decent damage early game.

0/21/9 – A bit more interesting mastery page. Alongside the increased duration of buffs, it also gives you some movement speed. Movement speed equals more attack damage because of Hecarim’s passive and of course better ganks early game.

Summoner spells

Smite – Well, obvious choice if you’re jungling. Helps clearing large jungle creeps far easier.

Ghost – This is an amazing summoner spell on Hecarim. The sudden increase in movement speed also increases your damage quite a lot. You can consider switching out Flash for Ghost on Hecarim, while giving damage it’s also a great escape mechanic.

Ignite – Should consider this when you’re going top lane. It gives a little more burst and also reduces enemy healing. Ignite is great against champions with a lot of lifesteal like Vladimir and Warwick.

Exhaust – Since Hecarim lacks hard CC, exhaust helps you improve your ganks a lot. Exhaust is also one of the best summoner spells for lategame teamfights. One exhaust can shutdown enemy team AD carry really good! If you take this summoner spell as a jungler instead of Flash or Ghost, you will lose your escape mechanic, but you already have good speed up from Devastating Charge.

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