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Movie spotlight: shaGuar

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Apr 18, 2012 20:14

Image'Movie spotlight' shines down on the play of shaGuar. Watch 7 movies starring Canada's legendary and outspoken AWPer.

'Movie spotlight' is a feature which presents a collection of frag movies starring a selected player or team. Now fans can get all of their movie needs satisfied in one place on one page. Each time the spotlight is shone on a new star, squad or editor.

CA Griffin "shaGuar" Benger remains one of the most popular players in Counter-Strike history. From his world famously flashly style of AWPing to his vibrant personality shaGuar ensured that no match, team or interview he was involved in was boring.

During the majority of his career shaGuar was a player who often went for the most difficult and most unlikely shots, and thus his teams were often able to cause wild upsets, such as helping US zEx to upset event favourites NO eoL and SE SK.swe. During his career he managed to achieve results such as 2nd at ESWC 2003, 2nd at CPL Winter 2003, 1st at CPL Winter 2004, 1st at WEG S1, 3rd at WCG 2006, 4th at ESWC 2006 and 2nd at WSVG Finals NY.

shaGuar also helped contribute much excitement outside of the server by way of having numerous movies, all of which are featured below, produced throughout his career. While he didn't capture or edit the actual footage in those movies shaGuar produced them in the sense of overseeing the kills included, the tone of the movies and ensuring they met with his seal of approval. Aside from his personal/team movies this meant a classic like Ruination got significantly better footage due to shaGuar helping reflex get POV demos from his team-mates and others.

That the sequel to shaGuar's solo movie, final reality, was never fully finished is one of the true tragedies of CS moviemaking making history, as from the leaked version available it looked set to be the best CS movie of all time. Instead, much like his career, it remains an unpolished gem filled with exciting twists and turns but not quite the finish that comes from dedicated hard work.

Enjoy seven movies, kind of, starring one of Counter-Strike's great showmen: CA shaGuar.

Name: Final Reality
Editor: CA Poirier
Runtime: 8m45s
Released: 2003
Download: fileplanet, GotFrag (account required)
Stream: own3d

Name: zEx at ESWC
Editor: CA Poirier
Runtime: 15m44s
Released: 2003
Download: 4shared, GotFrag (account required)

Name: The fellowship of NoA
Editor: CA Poirier
Runtime: 11m32s
Released: 2004
Download: 4shared, ESEA (premium required), GotFrag (account required)

Name: Ruination
Editor: US reflex
Runtime: 11m47s
Released: 2004
Download: gamefront

Name: Final Reality 2 trailer
Editor: US reflex
Runtime: 2m07s
Released: 2006
Download: 4shared

Name: NoA - The Two Continents
Editor: xenoq and ez!kel
Runtime: 11m29s
Released: 2006
Download: 4shared, GotFrag (account required)

Name: Final Reality 2 (leaked)
Editor: US reflex
Runtime: 8m18s
Released: 2007
Download: 4shared

Movie spotlight will return again to shine a light on movies by another famous CS name.

(Photograph courtesy of fragbite)



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