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Scarlett joins Eclypsia

By Trial 'Trial_Writer' Writer
Apr 17, 2012 15:18

ImageFemale Starcraft 2 player and IPL4 relevation Scarlett has been recruited by Eclypsia.

CA Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn has been recruited by FR Eclypsia. The 18 year old Female Canadian Zerg only started playing a year ago and made a name for herself in Autumn winning two Iron Lady Champion Cups in a row. In March she qualified for IPL4 by winning Playhem’s "Sponsor Me!" tournament, designed to give an opportunity to players without a team or financial backing. As a huge fan of the Korean scene it was a dream come true for Scarlett to travel to Las Vegas as part of the strongest line-up of the year so far, with the very best of the Korean scene in attendance at IPL4.

In the first round she was up against KR Terious, a current Code A player from Prime, and shocked everyone by defeating him and causing the first big upset of IPL4 before continuing her winning streak by defeating fellow Canadian CA Ddoro. In the next round she faced KR Oz, one of the best Protoss in Code S and despite winning the first game she lost the series in close fashion. In the losers’ bracket Scarlett continued to defy expectations, defeating UK EG.DeMusliM before finally being eliminated by former SlayerS Zerg KR Golden.

Unique and gifted, Scarlett has attracted over 400000 views on her fan thread in just 10 days, a record, already nearing the level of her idol KR MarineKing, and double that of KR BoxeR in far less time.

"Coveted by all the top teams, this phenomenon was looking for a strong team that could help her keep improving and achieve her goals. It is with great pride that we announce that Eclypsia will be her new home. She will join our international team alongside SLoG, desRow, Welmu and Artist."

Source: Eclypsia

This post was written by trial editor: NL Mithax

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