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New Game mode? Riot Supremacy

By Trial 'Trial_Writer' Writer
Apr 17, 2012 13:23

ImageRiot Games have bought up a host of Domain names including the word Supremacy, New Game mode? New Tournament series? Rumours are rife!

Companies have to consider every aspect when it comes to Marketing. One of the earliest items they have to consider is a campaign name if they wish to produce materials around it. Domain names are one the important early items they have to acquire if they wish to have reasonable urls.

According to the source, Riot Games registered a couple of domains with Supremacy in the url back in February. In addition to these, this week they have registered a bunch more new domains.

The list is as follows:

With all these names registered it is all but confirmed that Riot are planning something with the name of Supremacy. The first rumours are that it is a new Game Mode although I suspect this is down to Supremacy having a similar ring to it as Dominion.

Supremacy could just as likely be the name for a new tournament or indeed a name attached to say, Season 3?

Only time will tell.

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