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Fresh Pots: Na`Vi vs. ESC tuscan IEM VI 1/2

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Apr 17, 2012 00:08

ImageFresh Pots of CS #9 looks at the tuscan group stage game between Na`Vi and at the IEM VI World Championship. Part one looks at the Poles's mistakes.

'Fresh Pots of CS' is a regular video feature in which one of the maps of a famous or important match is broken down, taking key rounds and providing talking points and food for thought. The significance of specific moments and actions on the overall outcome of the game is examined and explained.

In the ninth edition of 'Fresh Pots of CS' the final group stage game of the IEM VI World Championship, which took place on tuscan, between UA Natus Vincere and PL ESC Gaming is put under the microscope and broken down. This first part looks at some of the key mistakes the Polish team made to open the door to survival for Na`Vi.

How could PL pasha have potentially saved PL NEO from being shot in the back during a key 2v2 as CT? What error did NEO make after flanking through B and behind Na`Vi's CTs? How did a flawless piece of positioning from UA Zeus completely turn a round to his team's favour?

Fresh Pots of CS #9:



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