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Saintvicious: The Mang in The Jungle

By Michelle 'MrOw' Anderson
Apr 14, 2012 06:49

ImageInterview with CLG's Saintvicious in which he talks about his Koreans experience, OGN, IPL and tips for new junglers.

Followers of LoL will be very familiar with the ID Brandon 'Saintvicious' DiMarco , he is the jungle player of the NA team Counter Logic Gaming and has been to known as one of the leading junglers in the world. This interview will shed a little insight on how he's getting on at the moment and make us know a little better about this cheeky meister.

Hello and thank you for agreeing to this interview can you please introduce yourself first?

Hello, my name is Brandon Di Marco, my in-game nick is Saintvicious and I'm the jungler for team CLG.

CLG has been the NA powerhouse in LoL for a long period of time and has somewhat one of the most stable team setup, how do you feel about your team right now?

I feel pretty good, we were in a slump when we first came to Korea but I feel we worked most of our problems out and are stronger than ever before.

Regarding Korea and OGN, you guys have been streaming alot and showing the world how Korean players perform, what are your personal feelings regarding the scene? How would you rate their top teams sucn as EDG and MiG?

I find the Korean scene is actually not that different, they do play a few different METAs but it's not too difficult to work with. However I find that the general player attitude is better and not so much trolling in ranked games. As for EDG and MiG, I find those two teams to be quite even and definitely very very strong oppositions.

You were forced to fly back and forth from Korea to USA for IPL and OGN, did that affect your performances during IPL? You also lost a few online tournaments, was that due to ping issues?

I was jet lagged but i had time to recover and the laptops they gave us were really crap. As for the online tournaments we had 150-200 ping since we are connecting to NA from Korea, which needless to say hurt us a lot.

The new TSM surely had prooved itself to be quite dominant after Dyrus replacing Rainman, we also heard that Rainman left TSM house as soon as TSM won IPL. You got any opinions regarding this?

Dyrus is better than Rainman but not by much. I think TSM has finally sorted out their underlying problems and stomped through. We went 2-2 against them which I felt alright about. The thing which made us lose is not banning Vladimir since he's one of Dyrus' mains, and Rainman doesn't even play him, so guess that's a mistake on our part.

You recently won Dignitas 2-1 on NESL Pro Series, did you also have high pings? If so, did they play badly or you guys were the better team?

Ya we had really high pings but doublelift has really developed bot lane which has helped us a lot vs them. I guess we won because of our AD was fed.

You have returned to Korea nowto prepare for further OGN games, are you trying out anything new after IPL or is it the same general strategy?

Doing character specific and I might pull out jungle Twitch in a tourney. Just wait and see I guess.

Riot has announced the new champion Hecarim, it looks pretty neat and all, you have any insight on him or gonna try to jungle on him when he's released?

I usually don't judge a champion until I play it myself so I never bother looking at skills and stuff like that until release.

Regarding current jungling champions? Mundo seemed to have replaced Shyvana, and Nautilus for Maokai, what are your feelings on this, and do you prefer team support jungles such as Maokai, or strong gank champions such as Lee Sin?

I don't know, Mundo and Shyvana are pretty much the same but Shyvana is better early game and Mundo is better late. Maokai and Nautilus are both very good champions. Junglers don't really become better or worse, just flavour of the month I guess. As for preference, I play whatever my team needs me to play since winning is the objective.

Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences in Korea, any funny stories?

What happens in Korea stays in Korea!

Okay...Who's that girl in your stream then?

Her nick is Schmoodie, she's LoL player and I guess you can call her my girlfriend.

Oooooh, romance for Saint. Anyway, is European LoL better than NA LoL or it's just the M5 phenomenon? They seem invincible on LAN tournaments, can you tell us a little how you feel about them?

I feel that if any of the top Asian teams or us faced M5 right now we could beat them.

What would u be your tips for a player who's learning jungling?

Learn when to farm, gank and counter-jungle, timing is the key. Be efficient at everything you do, and remember, Camping is BAD! Wasting time, experience and gold is never good.

Any final shoutouts?

I wanna thank all my fans and team CLG, also wish to thank our sponsors Razer and OWN3D. Also big love to my family and girlfriend, I love you all.

SK.Gaming would like to wish Saintvicious and Team CLG the best of luck in upcoming tournaments and hope they will bring amazing performances for our viewing pleasures.



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