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SK Gaming welcomes back Delpan

By Natasha 'tashaa' L
Apr 13, 2012 22:36

ImageSK Gaming welcomes once again Swedish sniper Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson, while saying farewell to Martin 'trace' Heldt in the process.

SE SK Gaming will once again play with one of the most respected Swedish snipers SE Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson as DK Martin Alexander 'trace' Bang Heldt is removed after serving three months in the line-up.

SK Gaming would like to thank Martin deeply for his efforts over the past three months.

SE Delpan said the following about rejoining SK Gaming:
" End of January I got "removed" from the team, I was out of shape and unmotivated to the game and I didn’t bring the A game from me at all. So after some weeks working out and just been away from the game I got a phone call from Budak this weekend telling me the team want me back and that made me really motivated again so the answer was easy. So I would like to thank the team for believe in me and I’ll do my best to be the best AWPer in the world again, watch out ;) "

During the time Larsson spent in SK Gaming last year, the team managed to take gold at the majority events attended such as DreamHack Summer, GameGune, IEM6 GC New York as well as becoming the World Champions at ESWC 2011. The only teams who managed to defeat SK Gaming in Delpan's presence were Ukrainian giants UA Natus Vincere and the IEM6 World Championship winners PL ESC Gaming.

To see the Swedish talent in action, click here!




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