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OGN: Fnatic and MiG reach quarterfinal

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
Apr 14, 2012 14:57

ImageFnatic is back in the race at the OGN The Champions tournament after losing to StarTale on Wedsneday. The Europeans beat Hunters in the losers bracket and went on to conquer nemesis StarTale in the next match for a place in the quarterfinal. Favourite MiG showed their class once again.

Game one: MiG Blaze vs. StarTale

This first match-up promised to be an exciting one, with favourites MiG Blaze and the first ever professional Korean LoL team StarTale crossing swords. StarTale starts off aggressively, grabbing four kills by the ten minute mark. With the early Zhonya's hourglass on Morgana they look to finalize the laning phase and start pushing quickly.

The match evens out around the twenty minute mark. Despite being three kills ahead (6-3), StarTale can't take a lead in the gold- or turretcount. As dragon is about to spawn, the teams get ready for a deciding teamfight. MiG's Wukong ultimates in the pack, gets knocked up by the enemy Janna just a tad too late, having already laid down the damage. MiG slaughters four of the five enemy champions and proceed to take Baron. In a gutsy move and low on health, they even go back to get dragon and rake in some extra cash.

Now it's MiG's turn to be aggressive, poking down mid and stacking up a solid 6000 gold lead. StarTale can't seem to get the upper hand in teamfights and has to cede the mid inhibitor. They finally get trapped in their own jungle and with a four to nothing trade-off for MiG, who go straight for the Nexus.

MiG Blaze secure their place in the quarters, StarTale has to battle it out with the winner of Hunters – Fnatic to stay alive.
Game two: Fnatic vs. Hunters

Fnatic had an important day ahead: after losing to StarTale on wednesday they sought to turn their luck around by beating Hunters and getting revenge on StarTale to reach the quarters. Fnatic shows they're concentrated straight off, banning Janna, who's ultimate caused them lots of trouble in their previous match cancelling Kennens ultimate.

Hunters don't waste anytime bot with Graves (Rewrite) and Alistar (Nymp), pushing straight up to the tower in the first minutes of the game. However, first blood goes to FI Lauri 'Cyanide' Happonen on Nautilus with a succesfull gank on mid. Hunter retalliates immediately by taking down DE Manuel 'Lamia' Mildenberger (Corki) bot. Their Graves (Rewrite) continues to outfarm Lamia, resulting in a 1000 gold lead over the enemy carry, a huge difference in this stage of the game.

Rewrite doesn't capitalize on this advantage, building Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer, giving him attack speed but no damage to back it up. Lamia will build towards a Trinity Force and Infinity Edge, granting him with more damage as the game progresses, even though trailing in creepscore for the entire match.

It's anyone's game around the twenty minute mark, but Hunters make a huge mistake engaging 4vs5 around dragon and donating a free kill and dragon to Fnatic. The Europeans start to put the hurt on Hunters pushing mid and steadily peeling off enemy champions.

Hunters has to engage as Fnatic pushes down botlane, but they stay passive and thus give Fnatic the chance to initiate the final fight and rounding up the game.

Fnatic can't just rest yet, they have their biggest task of the day ahead of them: beating StarTale in what's sure to be an intense match. Hunters showed they are a talented team, but still lacking in areas like team coordination and communication.
Game three, the one to see: Fnatic vs. StarTale

The crowd was absolutely pumped for the last game of the day, and who could blame them. Despite losing to MiG, StarTale had dazzled Fnatic in their previous ecounter, and the Koreans weren't planning on stepping down without a fight.

StarTale stick to their tactics and lay down the pressure pretty early on. They don't get any kills from the get-go, but manage to flush Fnatic's summoner spells in botlane. As they know Lamia (Ashe) has no way to escape, they pick him up for first blood, but Fnatic quickly counters with Shushei (Nocturne) taking down Ezreal and Alistar.

Cyanide is clearly on a roll, moving over to mid to secure his third kill. Despite being one kill down (3-2), StarTale isn't lagging behind in gold count because of the double Heart of Gold on their team. They stay focused, making smart calls and peeling off members of the enemy team.

It's still anyone's game around the twenty minute mark, and the tension slowly builds up as both squads realize winning a teamfight would put the odds firmly in their favour. Fnatic catches StarTale in botlane, scoring an ace and taking the bottom inhibitor.

In an attempt to turn the tables around, StarTale hides in the enemy jungle to catch Fnatic off guard, but their plan backfires horribly. The Europeans run straight through mid, getting to the enemy base before StarTale is even there and forcing an engage with the Koreans not being able to get in their own base. Fnatic maximizes this opportunity, forces the ace and conquers the Nexus for a place in the quarterfinal.

Fnatic follows

It seems that Fnatic and aren't in for a cakewalk at OGN. After ending up in the losers bracket and having to knock their way back in the tournament, Fnatic follows the same path. Both teams will now compete in the quarterfinals, hoping to secure a place in the next round. Judging from what we've seen so far, the match-ups will be intense and thrilling, and that's the way we like it.

Photo Source - Fnatic



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