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Streamer spotlight: EG.MiSeRy

By Jovan 'Tzar_-' Dragašević
Apr 13, 2012 19:28

ImageIn this edition of Streamer spotlight, Misery also presents his side of the trouble EG had recently.

1. Basic info

Full name: Rasmus Berth Filipsen
Nickname: EG.MiSeRy
Date of birth: July 14, 1991.
Role: Carry, Semi-carry

2. DotA career

The bad boy of the EU Dota scene DK Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Berth Filipsen is known for being a very aggressive player and one of the most prominent farmers in the scene. His long professional career started in 2008 in DK Mom equals Toilet , where he played alongside DK Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg and DK Martin 'Angel' Olsen, winning 4th place on Dreamhack Winter. His first big break was when his team was sponsored by DK Roskilde Ravens , with the most notable results being winning the Pick League XI and placing second in Dreamhack Summer.

Following some disagreements with the team, MiSeRy joined EU Fnatic with SE Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and SE Edvin 'KwoM' Börjesson, winning Gamescom 2009. After that he played in two teams with the legendary DK Andreas 'Ducky' Søgaard, namely in EU DDT and with RU Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev in

Pajkatt, Misery, Fear, Playmate and DeMoN

MiSeRy's most successful team to date was DK MeetYourMakers , one of the best Dota teams of all time, playing with DK Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen and DK Brian 'MaNia-' Strandby to just name a few. Accomplishments with MYM: winning Intel Challenge: Supercup 7, Pick League XII, ESL Major Series season V and most recently, 4th place in the International, with a $80,000 USD prize.

After the International, the team decided to disband. A few months after, MiSeRy formed US Evil Geniuses with his former teammates. Recently though, EG has been having some roster issues, and MiSeRy was kind enough to clarify the situation for us.


3. The Interview

We asked MiSeRy to share some thoughts about his stream and Dota 2 in general, enjoy!

Hello Rasmus and welcome to the Streamer spotlight! You recently started streaming far more frequently, any special reason for that?

Hello! I started streaming more frequently mostly cause I'm having a lot of free time at the moment, but also because of the internal problems in EG that has been going on lately. Less practise with the team, less official games to worry about has given me a chance to finally start streaming consistently.

Could you please introduce your streaming style to our readers?

So far I've only streamed matchmaking games, with either friends or other pro players. I usually play with viewers as well, when there's noone online to play with. I comment on the game, what items that are viable in different situations in the game, what to do in certain moments and basically how I play the game and how I think when I play. I'd say my stream gives a less experienced player a good view on how to think, where to move on the map and a knowledge of the game on a competitive level. What I generally want to be serious when I stream and give the viewers something that they can use when they play themselves.
I mostly play trance on my stream because thats the music I like to listen to when I play, I have occasionally played some more pop/hiphop, but it's trance you should expect. This might sound a bit hardcore for some people, especially if they aren't familiar with trance music, and it shouldn't scare people away - actually I can almost garentee that you won't find it annoying or so. So check out my stream, it's awesome!

There's been a lot of talk about your exit from EG, but there still seem to be a lot of unknowns. Could you tell us your side of the story?

About the situation in EG, it never really worked out as we planned it to, we had some internal problems that made me want to leave the team. Though I recently had a meeting with the organization and the team and we talked things through and decided to keep working on it. It's still not 100% solved whats going to happen etc, but I can say for sure that I am back in Evil Geniuses and after we work out the issues we have, we will be more professional towards the tournaments and matches we have. Basically all the issues we have had in the team have caused us to not meet up for games now several times, none of are satisfied or happy with this at all and it's not like we don't "give a shit" about the tournaments and everything else (as many people on the forums has been saying), in fact its the right oposit, it's just due to the problems we have had that it has been a hard couple of months for us.

Since you are one of the few professional players that played the Chinese on their home ground, how do you feel about their chances in Dota 2?

I am sure they will be very strong as soon as they convert fully to DotA 2, I haven't really been following the Chinese scene since I came home 5~months ago so I'm not sure how much they are playing DotA 2. But as I said, at one point they will all play Dota 2, and when the game comes out it's most likely gonna explode in China and become even bigger than DotA 1 is now. Basically the mindset and attitude of chinese teams/players are very different from European teams and players, they practise much harder and most of the teams are only practising on LAN and this will eventually give them an edge im sure.

Thanks again for talking to us Misery, any final shoutouts?

Shoutout to all my fans and viewers, my team, EG and all their sponsors: Intel, Steelseries, Monster Energy, Kingston HyperX, Six Pool Gaming, In Win, Bigfoot Networks, Intel Extreme Boards, Gunnar Optiks, Slappa, Split Reason Clothing.

To support MiSeRy check out the following:
Stream: EG.MiSeRy
Facebook: EG.MiSeRy
Twitter: EG.MiSeRy

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Tune in next week to see which streamer is next in the spotlight!

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