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Prime dominate the GSTL Final

By Trial 'Trial_Writer' Writer
Apr 12, 2012 18:16

ImageDespite internet problems Prime won the GSTL final that took place in the second day of the IPL 4, and the $26,062 first prize, over StarTale.

On Day 2 of IPL 4 there was going to be the GSTL final between Prime and StarTale. First up for StarTale was July that got to meet Maru from Prime. Maru won the match and was therefore against Parting from StarTale. Parting played incredibly well and beat not only Maru, but also BBoongBBoong. Then Prime chose to use their star player KR Jung-Hoon 'MarineKing' Lee.

Parting and MarineKing played an incredibly tight game but just when it looked like Parting had secured another win for Startale then MarineKing's internet started to act wierd and he was disconnected from the game. According to many, it was clear that Parting would have won the match.

After a long waiting period the admins chose to restart the game. It was clear that StarTale did not appreciate this decision but after talking with some people from GOMTV then Parting finally walked into the booth again. This time the game took another turn and MarineKing won without much trouble. After that MarineKing easily struck out Bomber, Squirtle and Curious. This meant that Prime won the finals with 5-2 and took home first prize of $26,062. StarTale won the second prize with a total of $13,031.

2012 GSTL S1 final:
KR Prime 5:2 KR StarTale
-KR Maru 1:0 KR July Cloud Kingdom
-KR Maru 1:1 KR PartinG Calm Before the Storm
-KR BBoongBBoong 1:2 KR PartinG Crossfire SE
-KR MarineKing 2:2 KR PartinG Entombed Valley
-KR MarineKing 3:2 KR Bomber Daybreak
-KR MarineKing 4:2 KR Squirtle Metropolis
-KR MarineKing 5:2 KR Curious Dual Sight

2012 GSTL S1 final standings
1st KR Prime - $26,062
2nd KR StarTale - $13,031

This post was written by trial editor: SE Curse

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