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Fnatic drops the ball in OGN

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
Apr 11, 2012 22:31

ImageAll eyes were on Fnatic at the start of the last group matches of the OGN The Champions Tournament. As the only other non-Korean team (besides, the Europeans looked to prove their skill, but were countered by a strong StarTale team. In the other match-up in group D, MiG Blaze got the best of Team Hunters.

Game one: Favourite MiG Blaze storm through

Group D is dubbed the “Group of Death” because of favourites Fnatic and MiG Blaze. MiG Blaze is a part of Maximum Impact Gaming, and have stated that they want to reach the finals to fight their colleagues/rivals MiG Frost. Team Hunters dominated in the preliminary rounds, but are now facing their strongest opponent yet.

Team Hunters is determined not to go down without a fight an quickly pick up first blood. However, the next three kills go to MiG who slowly but steadily work up their gold advantage. They invest mainly in gold per five/tanky items like Heart of Gold, while Hunters is going for pure damage items.

Hunter can't seem to capitalize on their builds, as MiG take the upper hand in teamfights and are 3 – 8 ahead in kills around the twenty minute mark. Hunters is forced to defend as Blaze comes knocking at their base door with their newly acquired Baron buff. Hunter wait for a mistake or a bad engage from their enemies, but take an ace to the face and see MiG taking the Nexus for game one.

Game two: Fnatic drops the ball

In game two, European topteam Fnatic is up against StarTale. Fnatic probably needs no introduction, as one of the most well-known professional squads in the scene. StarTale is originally a StarCraft2 team that had to qualify to get in this tournament, but are building a very strong League of Legends segment.

The early phase of the match-up sees a fairly closed game. Botlane seems to be going Fnatics way, with an aggressive DE Manuel 'Lamia' Mildenberger on Urgot. StarTale reacts by sending Cassiopeia botlane, picking up first blood and the enemy blue buff. Lamia is having a hard time now, being ganked shortly after and dropping again. Despite the two kills for StarTale, the match is pretty even around the twenty minute mark, with three turrets for the Koreans versus two for Fnatic and a relatively equal amount of gold.

Fnatic looks to take command but is caught by a surprise engage and gets aced, allowing their opponents to obtain the first Baron. Things are looking very grim for Fnatic, even though they haven't lost any inhibitors. StarTale keep their eyes on the prize and continue to make good calls, building Quick SilverSash on Ashe and Cassiopeia to counter Urgots ultimate. As Baron is about to respawn, StarTale hides in the enemy jungle to intercept Fnatic as they make their way for Nashor. The Koreans force another ace and succesfully take the Nexus and finish game two.

Can Fnatic get back in the tournament?

MiG Blaze and StarTale face eachother in the winner's final on Friday for a place in the quarters. Fnatic needs to beat Hunters in the losers bracket and then win against the loser of MiG – StarTale to stay in the tournament and defend the European honor.



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