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Rain Man leaves TSM gaming house

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Apr 11, 2012 15:35

ImageThe ex-top laner of TSM has left their gaming house and what's more - their recently acquired coach Jonas is also leaving them.

Another League of Legends tournament has ended and it's not surprising that it caused another series of drama in the North American scene.

A month ago, after the disappointing performance of USTeam SoloMid at the IEM World Championship, the top laner USChristian 'TheRainMan' Kahmann decided he didn't want to continue playing with his teammates because of clashing opinions on team practice and schedule. The team then recruited USMarcus 'Dyrus' Hill, a well-known member of the NA community, who was already living with the team and it was the logical desicion for both him and the team.

What's more the team also acquired a coach, another Dinh brother named Jonas, who initially came to help the team stay together, but sadly couldn't do the job.

After these events USChristian 'TheRainMan' Kahmann has stated that he will continue to live in the gaming house and stream for the community, but apparently the recent success of the team at IPL 4 has made him change his mind. This morning Jonas posted on the SoloMid forums that USChristian 'TheRainMan' Kahmann has left the house when the team won the tournament without telling anybody and has gone to Florida looking for an apartment to rent. He also mentioned the player's intentions to start his own "Team Baylife".

Two hours later Jonas posted another message saying that he will be stepping down from the position of USTeam SoloMid 's coach as he failed his mission and also because he has taught them everything he could.

"My main goal was to come and save TSM/TRM from leaving. I failed on that part because I did not come earlier. For that I hold a lot of blame."

Source: Official Statement about TheRainMan, Official Statement about Jonas



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