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Elo Ladder Coverage: NA's top 5

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Apr 9, 2012 20:54

ImageThis week we take a look at the NA ladder and check the top 5's champions. Enjoy reading!

Welcome to SK's second episode of 'Elo Ladder Coverage'!
Today we will take a look at the very peak of the NA Solo-Queue ladder and discuss the top players picks and roles.

Lets jump straight to the actual #1!

Rank 1: US Alberto 'Crumbzz' Rengifo
Misc. Information:
Actual Elo: ~2620
Summoner Name: Crs Crumbzz
Team: US Team Curse Academy
Role on team: Jungler

The highest ranked player in the North American Ladders has an Elo rating much higher than his counterpart on the European server. He also commands a much bigger lead over the the #2. That being said, he surely deserves the first spot on the ladder. Image

Crumbzz demonstrates, that a jungle player can carry the game just as well as a typical carry. His most played champion is Shaco. Shaco surely is one of those champions, which are banned in almost every game at the moment. Getting ganked by Shaco is pure terror. However, he can be countered if the team plays coordinated. This may be the reason why you do not see him in competitive games.

His second best champion, Talon, is something more unusual. Sadly, Crumbzz has not played him lately, therefore I can't give you any information about his way of playing Talon. Lately he has just played more common junglers, like Nocturne, Alistar and Lee Sin. But there is one exception: Jax. He started playing Jax recently and he even picked him in an IPL game. Even though most people do not like the “new” Jax, Crumbzz shows that the remake coupled with some little adjustment actually made him quite viable.

I've mentioned Lee Sin last week in the EUW ladder coverage article. Lee is one of the most dominant junglers at the moment. Even though he got nerfed a couple of times, he is still doing very well in terms of ganking, jungling safely and having a fast clearing speed. Lee Sin also gets more and more popular on top lane lately. The amazing sustain that Lee Sin gets from maxing his Safe Guard / Iron Will (W) first, and his ability to shut down bruisers with his E makes Lee Sin an awesome pick. Many people on the official forums complain about him being overpowered, that being said, he will most likely get another slight tweak in an upcoming patch.

TL;DR: Most played champions: Shaco, Talon, Lee sin.

Rank 2: CA erwinbooze
Misc. Information:
Actual Elo: ~2560
Summoner Name: erwinbooze
Role: AP Carry / Support

Erwinbooze is a rather unknown name in the scene. His main roles are either Support or AP Carry and he surely is a player who should constantly be counted in, when talking about the fight for the first place on North America's Elo Ladder. Image

Similar to Crumbzz, this player plays another role, which is very underrated, in terms of carrying. He is known for his support Janna. The storm lady is his most played champion this season and the 70% win rate pretty much proves, that a good supporter can be game-changing. That being said, I can ensure you that the supporter role is a very important role, regardless of what most people say.

As Kassadin is a beast in Solo-queue, an AP Carry player should definitely know how to play him. His ability to roam around show up when not expected, makes him a very dangerous champion in the right hands. Similar to Shaco, he is frequently banned – but if he is not banned, your enemy should get punished for this. Erwinbooze seems to have punished quite a few enemies, because Kassadin is his second best champion. Even though Kassadin gets counter-picked easily, he is still a threat.

Lastly, Erwinbooze is playing another strong Solo-queue champion: Cassiopeia. With no real counter, the snake Lady is able to dominate her lane easily. In Addition, a well placed ultimate can turn around a whole team fight. She was in a very powerful position, until she got hit by the nerfbat. However, Erwinbooze is still playing her from time to time and he proves that she is still strong as a mid pick.

TL;DR: Most played champions: Janna, Kassadin, Cassiopeia

Rank 3: TW bebeisadog
Misc. Information:
Actual Elo: ~2510
Summoner Name: bebeisadog
Role: AD Carry

Bebeisadog is a player from Taiwan, who managed to climb the ladder with a remarkably low amount of games. He is known for his successful AD Carry in solo-queue.

Bebe's best champion, in terms of wins at least, is Tristana. She is considered one of the stronger AD carries at the moment, especially when playing Solo-queue. Due to her bursty AP abilities, she is able to deal lots of a high amount damage early game. Therefore, you can go for kills and farm well, because of her growing range. Late-game she is a long-range beast with a steroid, two escapes (you can ult the bruiser away from you) and a lot of damage. Overall a nice and balanced champion.

The man with the big gun is Bebe's second best champion. Even after a bunch of nerfs, Graves can still deal tons of damage and chunk an enemies health down in no time. Thanks to his burst, winning the lane (= a game-changing factor) is rather easy. The W-ability is a very strong tool in team fights. Disrupting an enemies vision and crippling the positioning of the carries can win a team fight, but the most broken part about this ability is the rather low cooldown, for the utility it gives. Overall, Graves is an amazing Ranged-AD to play with, especially when you try to take matters into your own hand.

The third, and in my opinion his best, champion is Miss Fortune. Even though he only played her 16 times, the 88% win rate is amazing. Miss Fortune was forgotten for quite some time, but about 2 months ago, she started to get a little more popular again. Her poking power on the lane added to a nice attackspeed steroid with a healing reduce makes her quite strong, especially because almost every AD carry runs heal/flash nowadays.

TL;DR: Most played champions: Tristana, Graves, Miss Fortune

Rank 4: US Zaqueri 'Aphromoo' Black
Misc. Information:
Actual Elo: ~2490
Summoner Name: v8 Aphromoo
Team: US v8esports
Role on team: AD Carry

Aphromoo is another AD Carry player, however he is quite known in the scene, because he is playing for v8. His best champion is Corki with 51 wins and a 75% win ratio. I, as an AD Carry player, am extremly pleased with Corki's comeback. His nerf a long time ago made him very underplayed and weak. Luckily Riot buffed him a little bit and he came back as a strong AD again. Playing Corki successfully is with an offensive Supporter, for example Leona. Image

He plays a mix of aggressive and passive AD champions and he seems to have mastered both of them. Both of his best two champions, Corki and Kog'Maw, have a 75% win rate. Sadly, there is not much to mention about Aphromoo, who is a great player, because he is mainly playing the usual AD Carries. There are, two AD Carries, which he does not seem to like: Ashe and Caitlyn. Ashe needs good team coordination and Caitlyn is crippled by her abnormally weak mid-game.

TL;DR: Most played champions: Kog'Maw, Corki, Graves

Rank 5: US William 'scarra' Li
Misc. Information:
Actual Elo: ~2480
Summoner Name: scarra
Team: US Team Dignitas
Role on team: AP Carry

Scarra has constantly been fighting for rank 1. He was able to hold rank 1 for quite some time, until he got overhauled by players like Bebeisadog or Crs Crumbzz, because Scarra was busy practicing for tournaments. Although he finds himself being stuck in his very own 2,5k elo-hell, he surely will take a flight to rank 1 again.

The champion Scarra has the most success with, is Ryze. Even though Scarra has not played him that much in LAN-tournaments, his 90% win rate shows that he is an extraordinary Ryze player. After IEM Kiev, Ryze's rise in the European scene began thanks to M5's Alexich, who was literally destroying almost every champion he laned against.

But let's get to the champion Scarra is known for: Katarina. She is his second most played champion. Sadly, even Scarra, a player with an excellent game-sense and a high amount of knowledge about the game, is only able to hold a 53% win rate with Katarina, because she gets countered too easily. However, watching Scarra play Katarina is one of the most entertaining things you can do when you like league of legends action.

His third most played champion is Karthus. The undead AP can be a hypercarry, especially if he is played by a player with such great map awareness as Scarra. Carrying surely is easy, once you grab some kills with your ultimate and concentrate on farming safely.

TL;DR: Most played champions: Ryze, Katarina, Karthus

Next week we will go back to EUW and check the ladder, which got shuffled up quite a bit, since last week!



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