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Champion & Skin Sales / Bunny Riven

Apr 6, 2012 20:24

ImageIt's a new week and Riot are offering three champions and three champions for 50% off. Additionally to that, there is great news for all of you who're waiting for Bunny Riven.

This weekend you should definitely take some extra time to focus on League of Legends. Not only to visit the PAX in North America or to follow the IPL 4 tournament, but also to rock the League yourself. As every week, Riot are offering three champions and three skins for 50% off.

The following sales listed below will be valid starting on Friday, April 6th until Monday, April 9th:

Ahri will be only 487 RP.

LeBlanc will be only 487 RP.

Lee Sin will be only 487 RP.

With Lee Sin being 50% off, your weekend can only be kicking! Ahri will surely spice up your time spent on the Fields of Justice with her beauty and charme. And if you are up to no good but still wanna look classy and seducing, Leblanc and you should definitely meet up in midlane and show the enemy the best of your dark and evil side.

To Garen-tee even more good times while playing LoL, the following three skins are now 50% off:

Asylum Shaco will only be 487 RP.

Rugged Garen will only be 487 RP.

Vandal Brand will only be 487 RP.

Image Image



If only burning Mana got too boring for you and you decided that you wanna burn actual stuff like champions or minions while looking smoking, Vandal Brand is the right choice for you. And in case you always wonder why people in LoL are that serious, Asylum Shaco's taunt will maybe get you that questions answered.

Last but definitely not least some good news for all of you who've been hoping that Bunny Riven is a really going to be released and isn't just an April Fool's Day joke: RiotTama posted on Leaguecraft's facebook page that the skin has been spotted at PAX in the LoL client:



Update: The skin is available in the stores now!

Official post by Riot.
Leaguecraft's facebook page.



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