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Streamer spotlight: Dignitas.ComeWithMe

By Jovan 'Tzar_-' Dragašević
Apr 6, 2012 20:37

ImageThis week's Streamer spotlight features the Romanian star ComeWithMe from team Dignitas!

1. Basic info

Full name: Nicolae Alexandru Craciunescu
Date of birth: November 4, 1992.
Role: Solo, Utility

2. DotA career

RO Nicolae Alexandru 'ComeWithMe' Craciunescu started his competitive DotA career in 2008, playing for RO neXt!Please and winning MYM Prime Defending Xtreme and ESL Pro Series. In 2010 he joined RO diXi taking 3rd place in ESL Major Series VI.

His first bigger impact was when he joined the Romanian powerhouse RO The Elder Gods playing alongside RO Florin 'Freezer' Stoica and RO Adrian 'S0ny' Sebastian, his old teammate from neXt!Please. In TeG, he competed in a large number of tournaments, most notable being winning Farm 4 Fame #6.

ComeWithMe also played with US Clinton 'Fear' Loomis, SE Pelle 'Pajkatt' Olsson-Lille and HR Dominik 'Lacoste' Stipic as a part of the Nirvana Int squad at the International, dropping out in the 3rd round and winning 25,000$.

ComeWithMe doing his thing at the International

After the International ComeWithMe formed a new team, RO Poor Happy Guys , with fellow Romanians. They participated in The Defense and other various Dota 2 tournaments. They made their mark on the Dota 2 scene by winning the InsideDOTA Invitational, which included several top teams and were eventually picked up by RO Team Dignitas and have since won the XMAS Skynet Tournament while placing third in the Infused Cups, with ComeWithMe consistently producing stellar plays.

Universe, ComeWithMe, Fear, Pajkatt, 1437 and Lacoste in Cologne

Nowadays, ComeWithMe is regularly streaming his games and playing as a part of RO Team Dignitas , currently competing in the Star Series tournament.

3. The interview

ComeWithMe agreed to share his ideas regarding streaming, enjoy!

Hello ComeWithMe and thanks for doing this mini-interview. Let's start with the usual, where did you get the idea to start your own stream?
Hello Tzar and everyone else out there! I've got the idea of streaming from the times when I was trying StarCraft II out, I watched a few streams recommanded by a class mate and realized how helpful they can be. By simply watching someone's stream for a few hours i learned a lot of things which improved my gameplay considerably therefore after The International, which was held in Germany at GamesCom, I realized I should probably do the same in order to help newcomers as well as players which are not doing so well. I believe everyone should have somewhere to learn from and I think I have a lot of things to show. Therefore, i bought a new computer and started streaming asap!

Could you describe the stream in more detail?
Not sure if there's much to describe honestly, the music I play on my stream is the music I like and i always listen to, while I think it's great most of the people share the same feeling, which makes me happy. I usually play matchmaking due to the lack of inhouse leagues, or rather say people not wanting to wait 10 minutes in order to have a much better game than a usual pub. As for who I play with, i have quite many e-friends so usually I just check if there's any friend of mine with whom I'd like to play at the moment, f.e. sometimes I pub with vigoss, sometimes I play with other friends and so on.

A big part of a player's stream is the way he treats his viewers. How do you interact with them and do you think they learn much from watching you play?
Well, I always try to answer all the questions people state in the chat and I think I'm doing a pretty good job at covering them all for the most part. I'm not much of a talking-machine if I can put it this way, noticed most of the streamers just keep talking and talking but I believe that's not the way it should be, in order to show people mad skills you have to be able to put all your focus upon it, talking alot of irrelevant stuff while playing obviously reduces that. As for the last part the answer is yes, I believe my viewers learned pretty much from me, glad I can be helpful.

Regarding Dignitas, what can we expect from you guys in the future?
At the moment we have to fix our timing issues so we can get more practice ongoing but I am pretty sure that with just a bit more of that, we'll be able to put up a much better show than we currently do! Stick around and see!

You've been a big part of the Romanian Dota scene for a while now, do you think we might see some more teams comming from the Balkans and Eastern Europe in general?
Well, I wouldn't say that's exactly true as we've been inactive for a pretty long while but as we can all see, more and more teams keep rising and there's always a chance we might get surprised after a while, I believe the number of teams will grow incredibly huge this year, aswell as the next one.

Again, thank you for sharing your views with our readers. Any shoutouts?
Thank you as well, I'd like to thank my viewers too, you're basicly the only reason I stream and shoutout to all of my supporters/Dignitas supporters as well as our sponsors are what keeps the eSports alive!

Support ComeWithMe:
Facebook: ComeWithMe
Twitter: ComeWithMe
Stream: ComeWithMe
Dignitas profile: ComeWithMe
IRC chat: #ComeWithMe @ Quakenet

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Tune in next week to see which streamer is next in the spotlight!

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