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Jatt, ex-Dignitas jungler, joins Riot Games

By Linas 'Leethal' Markulevicius
Apr 5, 2012 22:20

ImageEx-Dignitas member Jatt, after retiring from professional gaming, joins Riot Games as an Associate Game Analyst. Read all about it!

Long time US Team Dignitas jungler and team captain CA Joshua 'Jatt' Le´╗┐esman, who had to leave the team because of real life commitments, has revealed that he joined Riot Games as an Associate Game Analyst. Jatt posted on reddit and league of legends forums on April 5th that he has been working at Riot Games for seven weeks already. After Jatt quit the proscene, he used his experience to try his hand at shoutcasting. Even though he received great feedback for his work on the "Kings of Europe" series, Jatt had his eyes fixed on bigger things still. Now after working there nearly 2 months, Mister Leesman has finally revealed that he joined forces with Riot Games. Here is Jatt’s statement regarding him joining Riot Games:

"Hey guys,
I wanted to let everyone know that I've joined Riot Games as an Associate Game Analyst. Over the last seven weeks I've been working with the live design team, the group responsible for live balance of League. For those who aren't familiar with me, I was a pro jungler for the first half of season 2. I also co-casted the Kings of Europe tournament in early February. I like Rubik's cubes and juggling.
I'm super excited to interact with you guys on the forums as often as possible, and to help make League of Legends even more awesome!"

Jatt's original post on the NA forums.

Image courtesy of Gamersmafia.



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