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What if: Each Champion had their own runepage?

By Pieter 'Shark3D' Cortebeeck
Apr 5, 2012 18:43

ImageImagine having one or multiple rune and mastery pages unique to each champion. How much more convenient would that be, and which issues would it tackle? Let's explore!

The number of available champions in League of Legends is steadily approaching the milestone number of 100. At the same time, Riot Games is fighting a Sisyphean battle trying to achieve perfect balance. A direct consequence of this fact is that an increasing amount Champions will eventually achieve a status of viability for competitive play. The meta game isn't holding its horses either. Thanks to the ever growing community and the increasingly competitive professional scene, new ways to maximize the efficiency of less popular Champions are being discovered left and right. Such insights often lead to the relevant Champions claiming their spot in the lime light.

It's not uncommon for veteran players to own every champion in the game, and have a large surplus of Influence Points to boot. Thanks to the special Champion Bundles & Packs in the Riot store, it's very easy for a new player to drop an amount of cash equal to what they would spend on a pay-to-play game, and instantly own dozens of Champions. To get the most out of each Champion, a Summoner wants to arm them with best the weaponry and defenses. The way to do this in League of Legends is by having a unique runepage and masterypage for every single Champion.

How is someone that's exhaustively played League of Legends since the closed beta, owns every single Champion in the game and has every available rune going to do that, when the maximum number of available runepages is only 1/5 of the amount of Champions available? Even worse, what if this person likes to play All Random All Bottom on Dominion, a custom game mode that's been soaring in popularity lately? Why do they have to go into a game knowing that they can only optimally configure about 20% of their Champions? What's the point of unlocking all the content if you can't even use it without obtuse limitations?

The curious Homo sapiens sapiens desires to maximize its experiences in life.
It's natural for us to explore variety. But when exploring Champion variety in League of Legends, we encounter an unintuitive and rather limiting system. I'm still talking about the way rune and mastery pages work of course. Wouldn't it make much more sense for each different champion to have their own set of unique rune and mastery pages? Let's explore what that would look like.
In this minmaxers' Valhalla, a level one Summoner account would be blank. New Summoners would start the game with no Champions, no runepages, and no mastery pages. Upon completing a few games, they would've gathered sufficient Influence Points to purchase a Champion. The twist is, this Champion would come with a personal runepage and masterypage included. After countless hours of playing, a Summoner could max out their account and own all available Champions, each with their own unique configuration pages. At this point, surplus Influence Points could be spent unlocking additional runepages for specific Champions. The cost for these extra pages could be based on the Influence Point price of the relevant Champion. This way, everyone wins. Summoners can enhance the customisability of their preferred Champions, and Riot Games could potentially sell hundreds of extra runepages to each Summoner, instead of being limited to only about a score. Let's assume a cap of five rune and mastery pages per Champion, which is a rather generous number.

Doesn't that sound amazing? To me it does. But it gets better! Additional benefits could be reaped from having such a system in place. First of all it would be a vast increase in user-friendliness for the pregame lobby. No more messing around with shared rune and mastery pages in a limited window of time. Instead, the relevant configuration is loaded automatically when you lock in a Champion, and only when multiple pages are owned, a selection has to be made. Disconnect during Champion select and have the game start on you with a random Champion? Not a problem friend, the correct mastery and runepages are automatically selected, as they're linked to the Champion you randomed. No more 30 second races against the clock when swapping Champions in the pregame lobby. Upon completion of a swap, your client will automatically load the correct setup and you're good to go.

Think about it fellow Summoners. We got Riot to give us twenty runepages instead of ten. Why couldn't we get them to give us Champion-specific configuration pages, to the benefit of all parties involved? I believe we can. Remember, the customer is always right ;-).

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments section below!



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