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SK win CS:GO challenge at CPH Games

By Nuno 'r6ks' Silva
Apr 5, 2012 03:55

ImageSK Gaming have beaten ESC Gaming to win the CS:GO challenge at Copenhagen Games.

SE SK Gaming have won the CS:GO challenge at Copenhagen Games, after beating PL ESC Gaming in the grand final with a 16-13 result on de_dust2, the map on which the whole tournament was played.

The road to the victory kicked off against DK Copenhagen Wolves in the quarter-finals, a match won by SK with 16 rounds against 10. Next round UK , the Counter-Strike: Source team considered by many to be the best in the tournament, would be their opponent. After a convincing 14-1 first half as CT, the Brits tried to bounce back in the game but SE Johan 'face' Klasson sealed the game with a 1on2 clutch.

In the final, PL ESC Gaming started attacking and despite losing the pistol round and the following round, they tied it up and the half remained tight until its end, which gave the Poles a 1 round advantage. Losing 7-8, also lost the pistol round and only in the fourth round they were able to do damage, winning four rounds in a row. The Polish powerhouse managed to get in advantage again but SE SK Gaming stepped up and eventually won the match with a final 16-13 result.

Final standings were:
1st. SE SK Gaming - $1,314
2nd. PL ESC Gaming - 5x headsets
3rd-4th. UK
3rd-4th. BR Team TargetDown
5th-8th. DK Anexis
5th-8th. DK Xapso
5th-8th. DK Copenhagen Wolves
5th-8th. DK Blight Gaming

All teams will be in action again on Friday, as their tournaments are scheduled to start at 10am.

SK Gaming are recruiting editors. Find out how you can get involved via the Jobs page.



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