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TPL2: Round 1 Predictions

By 'Ghostchanter'
Apr 9, 2012 23:14

ImageHere is my - personal - breakdown of the TPL 2 round by round, starting with Round 1 due to be played between 17th and 22nd April.

With under 2 weeks until The Premier League kicks off, I decided to go through the match list and give people my thoughts on how I think the matches will go. This is all purely my own opinion, so please do not get offended if I have a totally different result to what you expect. Also if you play in a team I said will loose, sorry, but all Dota 2 teams have my respect and best wishes for the upcoming TPL 2. vs DEmousesports - 17/04 @ 18:00 CET

Mousesports currently have my favourite line up in the Dota 2 scene, there is just something about Trixi, Rexi, Sexybamboe, DeMent and Sing that works really well, and usually they never fail to disappoint. will put up a strong fight, and have been doing very well recently which makes this a great game to kick off the TPL 2

Predicted Result: DEmousesports

DKQuantic Gaming vs FRWestern Wolves - 18/04 @ 18:00 CET

With Quantic being quite a powerhouse team I see little to suggest that they won't win against Western Wolves. While the French team has seen success in the past, I just cannot see them surpassing Quantic, sorry guys.

Predicted Result: DKQuantic Gaming

RSex-Fnatic EU vs ROTeam Dignitas - 19/04 @ 18:00 CET

Tough one to call, as both teams are teams which are more than capable of taking a win off even the best of teams, but are prone to mistakes or poor performances which hinder them from claiming any major titles this year.

Predicted Result: ROTeam Dignitas

SEInfused Gaming vs RUDarer Entertainment - 20/04 @ 18:00 CET

With Darer set on global domination, can anyone stop them? I have been impressed with them so far, and feel the first few games in the TPL will give a good idea of what to expect from them. Infused have potential to do well in the tournament if they dig their heels in, however this is a game I cannot see them getting much out of this one.
Predicted Result: RUDarer Entertainment

UANatus Vincere vs USIt's Gosu eSports - 21/04 @ 17:00 CET

Fan favourites Na'Vi are a solid bet to put your money on - I'm sure all will agree. After dominating the last TPL Season, they look as strong as ever and ready to add some more prize money to their pot. Can the gosu guys do anything about it? Will Bulba's thoughs save the day?

Predicted Result: UANatus Vincere

SECounter Logic Gaming vs UScompLexity Gaming - 22/04 @ 17:00 CET

Should prove to be a very solid game this one. CLG probably have the advantage in regards to recent results, but there are also some results to suggest they have a few kinks in their armour still. Complexity are a solid team, and I am finding it really hard to decide who will win this one.

Predicted Result: UScompLexity Gaming

That's it for my predictions for round one. Don't like what you see? Well remember these are all personal opinions, which makes them ripe for some discussion! Comment about them below, or even tweet @Ghostchanter for a bit of banter between Dota 2 fans - even if we cannot agree who will win, we can all agree this is going to be an excellent tournament!



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