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Final of The Great Hunt

Apr 3, 2012 13:37

ImageThe last week of The Great Hunt has begun. This is your final chance to pick up three yordle related champions and skins for 50% off.

We've arrived in the last week of The Great Hunt and the three remaining yordles that still haven't had the opportunity to join your collection of champions yet are stronger than ever and waiting for you to pick them up in the store. This week, a few of the most known and dangerous yordles are ready to join your hunting team, willing to chase down any enemy or minion that will ever get in your sight on the Fields of Justice.

Here's an overview of Riot's last line up of brave yordles that are still looking for a new home. They will be purchasable for 50% off starting on Tuesday, April 3rd until Friday, April 6th.

Corki (normally 975RP) for only 487 RP.

Heimerdinger (normally 975 RP) for only 487 RP.

Rumble (normally 975 RP) for only 487 RP.

To motivate your new companions even more, maybe provide them with one of the three fancy looking skins Riot are selling for 50% off. What could possibly be more fun than showing your enemy that a champion's size doesn't mean everything and chasing them down while having an amazing skin to look at?

Hotrod Corki (normally 520 RP) for only 260 RP.

Piltover Customs Heimerdinger (normally 975 RP) for only 487 RP.

Rumble in the Jungle (normally 975 RP) for only 487 RP.




This is your last chance to stock up your champion collection with our brave yordle friends while they are still being 50% off, so make sure you don't miss out on these great deals.




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