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Skyyart follows ShLaYa to Eclypsia

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
Apr 3, 2012 20:33

ImageTeam Sypher loses two players in a row to new eSports organisation Eclypsia. Skyyart and Eclypsia management comment on the situation.

The rough patch for FR Team Sypher continues. The recent departure of jungler FR Tony 'Shlaya' Carmona hit the squad hard, but they kept their spirits up and found PL Mateusz 'Kikis' Szkudlarek to complete the line-up once again. Not one week later, Sypher is dealt another massive blow with the exit of toplaner FR Willy 'Skyyart' Dias.

ShLaYa and Skyyart are the first two players to join the League of Legends squad of brand new esports organisation FR Eclypsia . There has been some speculation over the legitimacy of this new team, but Eclypsia states on their website that they are here to stay. An alert reader may notice that Eclypsia players will receive the necessary financial incentives, which could be an explanation for the teamswitching of Skyyart:

Eclypsia's statement:

"We may be a new structure in eSports, but we have been a succesful internet-enterprise for the last seven years. Our players and staff appreciate the professional side of all this: a structure that publishes a business plan to its players so they have a complete plan for their careers, without financial worries. Our players can dedicate their time entirely to the game."

Skyyart is very excited about his new team:

"I would like to thank Eclypsia for giving me the opportunity to take part in a project of this magnitude. I will do my best so we can achieve our ambitious goals together. The professional appearance of the structure corresponds with my expectations and has led to my departure from Sypher"

Current lineup for FR Team Sypher :
PL Mateusz 'Kikis' Szkudlarek [Jungle]
FR Leo 'Lounet' Maurice [AD carry]
BE Amaury 'Moopz' Minguerche [AP carry]
DE Marcel 'Acer Lyumi' Haas [Support]
Empty spot [Top lane]

Current lineup for FR Eclypsia :
FR Tony 'Shlaya' Carmona [Jungle]
FR Willy 'Skyyart' Dias [Top lane]
Empty spot [AD carry]
Empty spot [AP carry]
Empty spot [Support]

More information can be found on Eclypsia's website.



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