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NEWS take the 1000$ cake in APL

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
Apr 3, 2012 02:22

ImageThe first edition of the Absolute Pro League spawned an intense final where took on against All authority in an exciting three game match-up.

Recently Absolute Legends announced the Absolute Pro League (APL) , a monthly tournament consisting of sixteen invited teams. At the end of each season the four best squads will battle it out in a live Grand Final for 10.000$. took the first step towards this grand final by beating French team against All authority.The two finalists emerged from Group B where aAa showed it's skill beating all three of its competitors including Millenium and TCM Gaming. In the play-offs, had to conquer Mousesports and organizing team Absolute Legends. aAa secured their place in the final over Meet Your Makers and Western Wolves. was nervous for this match-up, seeing how aAa had been consistenly performing on a high level since qualifying for IPL4. The French practiced non-stop, won the monthly Go4LoL finals in March and reached fourth place at the IEM World Championships in Hanover.

DK Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen:

"Before the first game we were all pretty nervous because we hadn't won against aAa in any recent tournament and we knew that they were really strong and prepared. Both teams know eachother really well and pretty much knew what everyone was gonna play."

Froggen's fears were confirmed when the French secured a quick 1-0 lead by great play by sOAZ on Kennen top. fought back against a tanky aAa in game two, by focussing Yell0wStar on Kog'maw who got caught out of position more than a few times.
In the decisive third game, Froggen was allowed to play his signature champion Anivia, which is never a good omen for the enemy team. The middle lane thus hosted a game of fire and ice, with MoMa on Brand against Froggen's Anivia. The match lasted no less than fifty-five minutes, with the key moment arising around the thirty-three minute mark, with both teams suddenly realizing that securing Baron was an essential step for taking the win. With Froggen out of position aAa seemed on their way to pick up the first Baron, but Snoopeh managed to steal the buff using his Nocturne ultimate to get in for a smite at exactly the right time. held the advantage from this point on and took the next two baron buffs, slowly but steadily piercing through aAa's defenses. In the end, Froggen was without a doubt the decisive factor for, with ten kills, two deaths and eleven assists. His reaction after the final:

DK Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen:

"Beating aAa felt really good and we were all really happy on teamspeak after. It was the probably the only top team in Europe we had yet to win against."

This victory is a massive confidence boost for, and has given aAa something to think about in preparation of IPL4.

If you missed the action, you can watch the games here: vs. aAa Game 1 + 2 vs. aAa Game 3



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