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Crs.Nyjacky, The Tiny Master of Evil

By Michelle 'MrOw' Anderson
Apr 2, 2012 04:37

ImageInterview with Nyjacky from Team Curse in which he talks about his team, IEM, current scene and the upcoming IPL.

Followers of LoL's NA scene are obviously familiar with teams such as Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid . However many overlook the team that almost took down Moscow Five
at IEM Hanover with a stand-in. Today we will take a closer look at Team Curse Academy through an interview with their mid AP player, Chenglong "Nyjacky" Wang.

Hello and thank you for agreeing to conduct this interview with me. Can you please introduce yourself to us?

Hi, my nick is Nyjacky, im 24 years old. and I'm still in college. I'm the ap mid for Team Curse. I was a WoW player before and I have been play LoL for almost 1 year.
How did you get into this game and ended up joining curse?

I picked up LoL because of my WoW friends, we left WoW cuz we were so tired about the 24/7 raiding. I used to be in the same team with Christian 'TheRainMan' Kahmann on Team No.1 before I joined Curse. After a while, Chaox invited me to join Team SoloMid, so I asked my team for opinions and our team captain (The Rain Man) was like, “Hell no man!! Stay with us, they suck”. Guess what, like one week later, The Rain Man just left our team and joined TSM without saying anything. After that Curse asked me and Pobelter to join them and we did. We were getting noticed back then I guess, I was about 2200 on solo queue and did a lot of scrimming.

Well that sounds pretty unlucky for you, however you seem to be doing great at Curse, what are your feelings on your current team?

Curse had various major roster changes which affected the performance of the team quite a bit. It started with Lapaka (Jungle) leaving and Crumbzz coming in to replace him. Then it was the addition of Doublelift and the removal of DontMashMe for the AD carry position. After a while, Doublelift went to CLG and we invited Cop and Elementz. The roster has finally settled somewhat, I'm quite happy with the team right now.


You are considered one of the strongest AP players in the NA scene. What are your opinions on other players such as Regi, jiji and scarra?

Regi is quite similar to me in lane, very aggressive and want to kill people to get an advantage. It's a bit double edged since it will seriously drag you back if the enemy jungle comes and kills you first. Jiji is quite conservative, he might not get a lot of kills, however he dies very little and constantly farms and do his part in teamfights. Scarra is a bit of an all-rounder, he's placed 1st amongst all my favoured AP players, maybe because he's also Chinese in origin and is skilled with all these strange champions like Heimerdinger and Katarina.

You are known for being a very skilled Veigar and Kog'Maw player, can you explain why you prefer these two champions to standard APs such as Morgana and Caissopeia?

I pick Veigar and AP Kog cuz I like to play champions people usually dont play. Veigar can burst ap/ad/support very easily and make a 5v5 turn into 5v4 fight. and his AOE stun is really good for cc and zoning. Kog's ult with blue buff is like the #1 poke in the game. Cassiopeia is not my style, I just dont like her.

We saw amazing performances from Curse at IEM, I believe you guys almost defeated M5 in the groupstages with a standin, since that game wasn't streamed on the main stream, can you tell us what happened?

We were winning like 10-1, and we took 3 dragons. The turning point was like, after a teamfight, we aced them, and we pushed mid, and we all recalled to base. M5 rushed baron and got it, then the whole game changed because of that baron buff. Then the base fight got quite bad since I used hourglass on Morgana without using her ult and our German standin's computer froze so we had to change it during the team fight. We lost the fight and the game afterwards.

You guys are constantly scrimming teams such as TSM, Dig and CLG, can you tell me your opinions on them right now?

I will talk about TSM first since they have the new roster. I think Dyrus is much better than The Rain Man, because The Rain Man can only play ad champions, and dyrus can play all the champions very well. We lost to them 2-0 for ggChronicles but won 2-1 at NESL recently.

Dig is very strong since their players can execute perfect team fights and do well in their laning phases. We played a lot versus them recently, I guess we lost more than we won. Always 2-1 in BO3 scrims for them. During Curse Invitational, we had an epic 70 minutes game with them, longest game I've ever played.

CLG's best attribute is that they constantly change strategies. Chauster's Galio support, Jiji's TF global ganks and Hotshot's Nidalee poking are real headaches to play against. I really dislike playing versus them when they pick a poking comp.

You have also fought with many European teams, what are your opinions on European playstyles and who do you think is stronger right now? EU or NA?

I think NA teams got better personal skills, but the EU teams do flawless teamfights. They also use different champions, they seem to love Anivia mid, Shyvana top and Urgot bot AD.

You are also Chinese in origin, what do you think about LoL in China right now? How strong are they globally?

LoL right now is definitely the #1 competitive game in China. I think the best teams in China are iG and WE. I have contacts with players from both teams. I think WE are the best personally due to them winning IEM Guangzhou. The Chinese teams favour champions such as Singed, Ezreal, Twisted Fate and Rumble.

IPL is approaching very soon, are you excited to go to Vegas? How well are you guys prepared for this event? What are your expectations?

Of course I'm excited about going to Vegas. As for preparations, we have planned some new picks but obviously I won't share here, you guys just gotta wait and see. I think the teams with the highest possibility to win are Dig, TSM, Curse and aAa.

Any final words?

I wish to thank Curse for sponsoring us and thank all my fans. You can catch us on and watch the team streams on and you can find my personal stream on I also want to thank my family and my girlfriend for the support they have given me.

SK Gaming would like to wish Nyjacky and Team Curse good luck in all upcoming matches and hope that they will bring us outstanding performances for our viewing pleasures.



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