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The GD Studio to feature QL invitational

By Trial 'Trial_Writer' Writer
Apr 1, 2012 06:19

ImageIn The Arena this week Quake Live is the selected game title and The GD Studio has invited eight pros to play on Sunday.

Each week, the guys at The GD Studio invite players to take part in special shoot-outs for prizes. This week's title will be Quake Live and eight players have been invited to take part in the tournament.

The players' selection is based on the website The eight highest rated players that are available in Europe were invited. The tournament, hosted by UK James '2GD' Harding and SE Pelle 'Fazz' Söderman, is set to start on Sunday April first at 18:00 CEST and the winner takes all $500. To watch the event, you must head over to their stream.

For more info, you can check their facebook page.

This post was written by trial editor: PT r6ks

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