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Getting to know SK|CandyPanda

By J 'JammeH' M
Mar 31, 2012 01:56

ImageOn Tuesday we got to know Ocelote a little better. Today its the turn of our lean mean fighting machine - CandyPanda!!

So, tell us all a little bit about yourself!

"Hey all, my name is Adrian im 18 years old live near Cologne(Germany) and currently im the AD-Carry player for SK-Gaming. I went to the Gymnasium in my city for schooling and then stopped to fully concentrate on LoL and SK."

What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

"Well, playing LoL doesnt give much freetime especially if you want to be at the very top. Even when im not playing I watch my replays, watch other peoples replays write stuff down and see how I can improve. So all that takes about 6-7 hours sometimes more sometimes less and the rest of the day I spend time with my gf, oh and I play guitar sometimes too :P."

Do you have any sisters / brothers?

"I have 1 older sister which I dont see very often since shes not living here, she was at IEM Hannover though cheering for me! :D"

What do you do now? Do you work? Do you game full time?

"I game fulltime, works very well atm so I stick with that."

Where does the name CandyPanda comes from? Did you have any other nicknames before CandyPanda?

"Panda was already taken so I had to add something, since I didnt want the generic Xx or whatever you may use I choose Candy, no idea why. I use "Fennec" as nick sometimes too since Fennecs are cool! :D"

Did you play anything before League of Legends? And tell us, why LoL and not other game?

"I played DotA and Guild Wars before, both games only semi competetivly. I liked DotA alot and saw the HoN trailer back then and wanted to switch over to HoN. When I saw that HoN would cost money I choose LoL instead"

You mainly play as AD carry and you’re one of best in the world, what’s the secret for a new player to succeed like you? I mean what you did before reaching the top level.

"Honestly I didnt do much, just kept improving and learning from my mistakes. Back then it was enough since the competition wasnt big. I notice more and more that I have to step up my game again which im doing right now. Hannover kinda opened my eyes thats theres still much to learn.
That might sound noobish but I believed everyone plays close to the game's skillcap but I already figured how to be one step above everyone else and im trying hard to get there."

Do you think AD carry is one of the easier classes for begginers?

"No, especially the positioning is the hardest thing to learn as AD and takes alot of concentration. Late game one step too much decides if you die or not."

Do you think AD carry is easy to learn, but hard to master?

"Yes, as I said above mastering positioning is very hard. I think its the same with every thing, the learning curve is quite steep. You might learn fast but when youre super good already its extremly hard to get better."

What's the difference good AD carry and a great AD carry?


What is the most important part of an AD Carry in teamfights? And in lane-phase, should they just concentrate in last hits?

"Well there are 2 lane-phases you can play which are 1. Kill 2. Farm. First one aims at putting pressure on the enemy and if possible trying to kill him. A good example for that is Leona/Corki or Taric/Tristana.
The second lane aims at securing your farm and shining in the lategame. I like the second one way more but its not really possible to play it since most teams aim to end the game before you can shine and then counterjungling and tankyness earlygame doesnt help that fact."

Do you think its important for AD Carrys to roam, or to farm up on their lane?

"AD Carrys should rarely roam and if they do it should be for 1 minute max and then return to lane, else you will fall too far behind."

Why do AD carry now get Heal instead of Exhaust? Or do they?

"Yes they do, since it gives them an extra 400hp and lets them bait. But if im honest I hate it. Theres no variation only heal is viable else you get destroyed in lane."

You and Nyph form an excellent duo in botlane, how do you practice to be as perfect as you show in scrims and tournaments?

"I think me and nyph are far from perfect, its kind of stressing to constantly coordinate everything togetether. I mean playing better then someone 1v1 is hard enough but playing so good together as a team is extremly hard. Regardless I love having nyph as support and we will train better."

What makes a great support player for you?

Team fight Setting/Initiation
Lane Harassment
Team Defense
Overall Map Control"

You are a member of SK for quite a long time now, what do you think about SK as organisation?

"They always paid our flights provided us with equip and everything else. The people in SK are all pretty cool and they take their work seriously. SK is a great organization (:. Im very happy to be in it"

SK.LoL recently added Dedrayon and Kev1n for jungle and toplane, respectively. How do you think they have fitted into the team?

"Kev1n almost made the transition from AP player into more bruiser oriented play and hes doing extremly well. Sure he has to learn some things here and there about toplane but thats fine.
Dedrayon is a great jungler and I rarely remember him playing gamebreakingly bad in any game. Hes not afraid of new stuff and is motivation which is awesome. They both fit great in the team not only skillwise but also character wise."

After that, you travelled to Hannover to play the IEM6 WC and it was your first appearance together. How do you feel about your participation?

"I feel like we did our best in our current form. 5th place is not extremly satisfying but its not depressing either. Ofcourse we all wished for a better place but other teams were just better pick/strategy wise"

How was your bootcamp before the event? Looking back would you do anything differently?

"The bootcamp was great, we all got to know Dedrayon and Oce met Kev1n the first time. We had a great time. If I look back at what we couldve done different it would be more strategizing and less Guitar Hero lol! "

That baron-steal on the 2nd match between SK and aAa was an amazing moment and a big boost. What’s the feeling after doing a brilliant movement and manage to win the game because of that?

"Well it was a light in the dark, we thought all hope was lost but came back due to the baron steal. Everyone in our team was loaded with energy at that moment and we wanted to win, sadly the momentum couldnt carry into the 3rd game."

TSM recently changed their toplane, The RainMan decided to step down and they added Dyrus, do you have anything to say about this situation?

"Not really, if they didnt find a way to agree then its better for RainMan to step down, either way I dont think Dyrus will bring alot of improvement. All they have to do is use their gaminghouse better and use the fact they could play as a team everyday whenever they want
If they do it with Dyrus or RainMan makes no real difference their."

Do you do anything in particular before a game to motivate yourself?

"Looking at my Panda from my girlfriend always helps! :D"

What is the best advice you can give people who want to improve their Elo?

"Dont rant about your team and just leave them alone, concentrate on your own play analyze what you did wrong and the Elo will come."

Who is the player you most fear outside SK and why?

"You shouldnt fear anyone, it makes you play worse then you can and often results in being too passive. However there are alot of good players, no one in particular though."

What do you think is SK’s teams strongest ability that will bring them success over other teams?

"The Triangle of Love!(Nyph, Me, Oce). We played together for almost a year now and we keep the team up."

Who is your role model and why?

"No one really."

Quick Fire Questions:
If you had to take one sk player on holiday with you who would they be and why?

"Idk :(, I would take all 5."

IF you had to take one sk player to a night club with you who would they be and why?

"Kev1n cause he throws around with money and pays everything :D"

If you had to take one sk player clothes shopping with you who would they be and why?

"Definatley not Oce(Pink scarf ftl), probably Nyph or Kev1n."

What is your favourite type of food?

"Asian food! (: Not the chinese food though where they eat insects turtles and other animals."

If you had to decsribe every member of the LoL team and SK Management in one word what would they be:

"Oce: Motivator
Dedra: Polishmafia
Kev1n: Allrounder
Nyph: Team mommy
aBhorsen: Scottish
JammeH: Helpful
TheSlash: Boss"

To finalize, anything you would like to say to your beloved fans, it’s your turn!

"I would like to thanks each and every SK-Supporter. And special thanks to my personal fans, I appreciate every single one of them and I will stream more in future, look forward to it!"

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