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IGN announce IPL Team Arena Challenge 3

By Trial 'Trial_Writer' Writer
Mar 29, 2012 23:06

ImageIGN have announced the 3rd edition of their IPL Team Arena Challenge. The $20,000 tournament features most of the world's best SC2 teams.

IGN announced their third edition of the IPL Team Arena Challenge. This massive event will see the top teams of Starcraft 2 battle it out for a $20,000 prize pool. Containing nearly every top team imaginable this event will truly show which team has the best players for this format.

Team Startale and Fnatic have yet to reply to their invitations. Other teams may also qualify for his tournament by entering into the four semi-open, application based, qualifiers.

Teams who have already accepted the invitation:
WO compLexity
EU Mousesports
WO Vile
WO Team Liquid
WO Quantic
WO Evil Geniuses
WO Empire
KR oGs
KR Incredible Miracle
KR Prime
KR SlayerS


This tournament is a double-elimination bo9 Winners Format. Each match will consist of five players from each team. Teams choose their first player blind, then the winner of the first game stays on to play a new player from the losing team. The winner of each game stays on until all five players from the opposing team have been defeated. This can result in a player sweeping the other team in an all-kill but it can also mean that a player can make a huge comeback after being behind 0-4 and still win it for his team, called a reverse all-kill.

Prize pool

1st Place: $9,000
2nd Place: $4,000
3rd Place: $3,000
4th Place: $2,000
5th/6th Place: $1,000

Map pool

IPLMap Sanshorn Mists AE
IPLMap Atlantis Spaceship
IPLMap Antiga Shipyard
IPLMap Daybreak
IPLMap Tal'Darim Altar LE
IPLMap Cloud Kingdom
IPLMap Metropolis
IPLMap Ohana*
IPLMap Entombed Valley

Source: TeamLiquid

This post was written by trial editor: NL Mithax

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