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WinteR: Asian teams are training quite frequently

By 'KuroSagi1337'
Mar 30, 2012 16:29

ImageThe Malaysian veteran has given SK Gaming an exclusive interview with a lot of insights on the world of Dota 2.

Last week, we had a little time with the legendary Malaysian player MY SilverCross, who gave us some insight about the Asian Dota 2 community and also revealed his imminent retirement from professional gaming. Today we are honored to bring another big name in the Asian competitive scence,MY Chan 'WinteR' Litt-Binn – captain of MY Orange eSports , right after his match versus AU AbsoluteLegends during the fourth division of joinDOTA Masters; to share some opinions on the current metagame as well as the silent transition of Asian community to Dota 2.

Welcome to the interview. How about some short introduction about yourself?
Hi , My name is Chan Litt-Binn aka WinteR/WtR. I am turning 23 this year and hopefully I will be able to achieve great things in E-sports. I am thankful that my parents support my decision to go all out on gaming this year after I completed my degree last October.

Which field was your degree on?
Hotel Management.


You guys just finished the game against Absolute Legends; how do you feel about that match?
We played a very bad game as a team , we were having a lot of trouble that game as we were unable to communitcate with each other. The headsets at Mineski's cafe did not have a mic and only 1 of us brought our own headsets, Ice went home already so 4 of us were still in Philippines.

At the start of the game, you guys came up with a quite unsual pick: Kunkka. Whose idea was that and why didn’t it really work out for the team?
I think the game didn’t work out not because of Kunkka, he is a very strong team fight hero . .. AL had a very good team fight lineup therefore we decided to use it.

Personally what do you think about aL? They are kind of the first Australian team that ever manage to make themselves into the competitive scene.
They are a good team as they have been together for quite some time. They use very different strats and heroes as well compared to other teams. And I love the way they use shadow priest *smile*. Snoopy I love u!

In Orange, who does the drafting? It is just you or the line up is the combined idea of the whole team?
We do the drafting together as a team, 6 heads is better than one *laugh*

Being allowed to fully pursue your esports career, what goals do you set for yourself and Orange for the rest of 2012?
Winning The International 2, I am sure all the pro teams has the same aim in Dota 2 as it is the biggest tournament.


Can you name some teams that you are really looking forward to face in TI 2?
Na`Vi on LAN again , looking forward to face off with Dendi and co.!

Suppose that you guys win TI 2 and grab home the $1 million prize, what would you do with it?
I am going to get married !

You have a girlfriend? Is she content with you being a gamer?
Ya girlfriend of 6 years already , she is always supportive of what I do. I feel very lucky and greatful for being able to meet her.

As far as I know, you guys are playing both Dota 1 and Dota 2 simultanously. Do you find it difficult switching between the two?
Yeah it takes a lot of practice to be able to handle it both , it’s time-consuming and requires a lot of sacrifice. I would like to see all the heroes in Dota ported to Dota 2 *smile*

And which improvement do you think that Valve manage to make with Dota 2, compared to Dota 1?
I think the graphics and all the user-friendly interface are good and beginners can pick up Dota 2 better due to being able to watch other people play and all the newbie-friendly features of the game.

Recently Orange participated in GMPGL, going head-to-head with many good teams from Philippines. How was the experience of being in such a tournament?
It was a great experience for us , personally I haven’t been to Philippines before. The Dota community and atmosphere there is like in China . . . The top teams here I reckon are able to compete at the highest level if given a chance. The fans here are also amazing !!! Shoutout to all the pinoy fans that supported us all GMPGL !!! We love u guys!

How do you feel about the dota 2 community in Asia?
The transition is slower than in Europe as a lot of players still don’t have beta keys . . . But for the competitive side, all the Asian teams are training quite frequently in Dota 2.

Do you believe that Dota 2 will replace Dota 1 once it is officially released?
Yes definitely . . . Dota 1 will die out with time.

Okay, let's talk more about the competitive scene. Do you follow the current competitive scene, like recent tournaments namely The Defense or The Premier League?
Yea I watch most of the games, I am a big fan of Tobi's casting. I will try my best to catch the games live, but if I am busy I will watch the VODs for sure.

What do you think about the current push/gank - oriented stategy that is used by most European teams? Will it help them to cope with the "passive" playstyle of the Chinese?
I think that Dota is changing into a game where it benefits the aggresive side more . . therefore I think definitely playing push/gank will be better than passive play.

KuroKy once said in an interview that the current push/gank orientation is due to the engine and natural attributes of Dota 2 such as smaller map, easier unit pathing etc. Do you share the same opinion?
Ya, I definitely agree with him.

Several heroes that used to be picked up a lot such as AM, Lich or Spectre have experienced a sharp decline in use lately. What do you think about that?
The game pace has been getting faster and faster , heroes like Spectre are slow-paced heroes. Thus it’s harder to pick Spectre any more. Lich is becoming less picked because there are simply so many better supports that fit better in the current metagame. And I believe AM will still be a strong pick ... He is a very versatile hero. He will still get picked by certain teams.


Morphling and Silencer has been used quite frequently as a carry, what is the reason behind this? Especially Silencer, who has been missing on competitive play for quite a long time.
Every team has their own strategy and play style, i think any hero can fit in a certain strat, not only Morphling and Silencer. It just takes time to try out which one fits better. The Morphling pick can be explained by the recent buff he received that boosts his early game potential.

If so will we ever see heroes like Alchemist, Spiritbreaker, Bloodseeker or even Goblin Techie (once he's ported) in professional play?
Maybe . . . we never know what the future has installed for us *smile* I always use Alchemist with boots as 1st item, going around to gank *laugh*

What changes do you think that the recently-ported Shadow Demon, Lycanthrope and Syllabear will bring?
I think that SD, Lycan and Syllabear will make Dota 2 competitive matches hero pool more identical to dota 1 pool. And the game will be even faster with Lycan and Syllabear being very fast pushers.

Which team do you enjoy watching the most and why?
I enjoy watching Na`Vi play because they always have something special up their sleeves !!

And who is your favourite player? Beside Orange.WinteR, of course.
My favourite player is my teammate Mushi , he always sees things that others don't. Furthermore he is a very serious person with a high motivational drive.

Can you name the top 5 teams in the Dota 2 world right now?
It’s hard to tell now, because there are no big LAN events yet. Online tournament results can be very subjective . . .But i think Na Vi is still ahead of everyone else. EG, Quantic, aL and Darer are also good teams right behind Na`Vi in the Europe and American scene. And for the S.E.A i think Mineski, MUFC, MiTH.Trust and our team are the top contenders. Chinese teams are still behind now as they just begun their training but I am sure they will catch up really quickly.

What do you think about the appearance of Rubick and Wisp Guardian in the Captain’s Mode of the 6.74 version? Especially Rubick with his game-breaking ultimate.
In the recent GMPGL Rubick was picked but was not played very effecttively , Wisp never had a chance to show as noone picked it. I think more time is needed to unlock the secrets of 6.74 !

Let's talk more about the team and your personal life. How many hours do Orange spend per week for training?
Four of us are playing full time except Ice and YamateH, both of them are working. We play almost everyday at night. The rest of us will play more than them two, but as a team we spend 5 hours together everyday playing.

What do you think about Mushi as a friend?
I think he is a very dedicated leader and person. He will pour out 110% in no matter what he does.

Which hero do you like the most in Dota 2?
Invokerrrrr!!! He’s so cool. The hero model is very nice.

How long have you been playing dota? And why did you come up with the name "Winter"?
I have been playing competitively for 4 years . It’s just a random name because I shortened my email name to my game name.

What do you do in your free time? Do you play any sports?
I spend 80% of my time on dota now. I spend my remaining free time with my family and gf. I really want to achieve good results this year since Dota 2 has become so big that it is worth spending so much time on it.

That's the end of the interview, thank you for spending time with us. Any shoutout or last thoughts that you want to make?
Thank you to Orange, Asus, Razer and all our other co-sponsors for making sure we are able to attend so many LAN events, and Orange internet cafe for providing us our training ground. Shoutout to all the pinoys as well who gave their support to our team during our ups and downs in our trip in Philippines !!!



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