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Going in deep with Black

By Urosh 'MrUrKe' Krvavac
Mar 29, 2012 21:34

ImageWe sat down with Dominik ‘Black’ Reitmeier, asking him some questions about his career, the switch to the NEXT and his feelings about Dota 2 and gaming in general. Check inside for his answers!

After our interview with RU Sergey 'God' Bragin, it is time for our second 'in deep' interview feature, this time with German prodigy DE Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier. Read below about his personality, his recent switch to KZ , his Dota 2 insights and much more!

MrUrKe: Hello Black and thanks for accepting this interview! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Black: Hello everyone, my name is Dominik Reitmeier, I am 18 years old and I have been playing under the nick Black^ for several years and I am currently visiting highschool.

MrUrKe: When you are not chasing your opponents, what do you do? Any specific hobbies or work maybe?

Black: When I'm not playing DotA I usually do sports, been jogging every morning for 2 years now, but I also play basketball and football, or chill out with my friends.

MrUrKe: How do you keep managing your real-life and virtual obligations?

Black: There is not much to say about this one, school is going good, I am helping people whereever I can, and at the evening its practise/clanwar time.

MrUrKe: Are your friends and family aware of your virtual work and popularity? What is their opinion about your time management?

Black: My family and friends support me 100% with my gaming plans, so they understand that I spend most of my freetime playing DotA, at the start it was a bit weird for them but now everything is good.


MrUrKe: I’m aware of several gaming scandals in Germany. It seems like people there are boycotting games, because ‘they affect young people in a bad manner’. Is it hard to be gamer there? Did the situation change in recent years?

Black: Uhmm this is a tricky one. I honestly only heard of a one gaming scandal in Germany, because I am not really into politics, that one being about Counter-Strike, they basically said that people who play Counter-Strike are more likely to become murderers or something like that, in the end it turned out that all of that isnt true though. After they solved that issue in the media, more Germans started with gaming and more and more people started to accept gamers, it has been growing constantly ever since this news, so perhaps the news helped gaming in Germany.

MrUrKe: Interesting. I guess we can now move along to the DOTA part. For a start, can you tell us how did you come up with this game?

Black: A friend showed me DotA like 6 years ago, I thought it was a really funny game so I kept playing it. *smiles*

MrUrKe: And when you took it up seriously? Is there anyone who personally inspired you to join competitive ranks?

Black: There wasnt really ONE person who made me try to go competetive in this game, the fact that this game was so hard at the start is the reason why I wanted to become a professional player in DotA.

MrUrKe: Since people heard of you, you have been more like freelancer? What made you change a lot of teams rather than stay in one for longer period?

Black: There was alot of bad luck involved in this one, Teams that I joined tended to disband a month after I joined them, thus I got a really bad reputation concerning teams. But be real, a team never disband because of ONE player because you could always replace him with someone else, right?

MrUrKe: Do you think things are going to change now in

Black: I have joined as a 6th man, knowing that they are 5 kz players in it I won't ever get into the main lineup probably. They told me they wanted me as a 6th, so i could constantly improve and always have a good gaming environment around me, but also that I should keep looking for another team.
And thats exactly what im doing, I am trying to improve on a daily basis and I am looking for a team where I can be in the main 5, IF I get into the main 5 in or any other team, I'm planning to stay there until the end and give everything I possibly can to make us win.

MrUrKe: Can you describe your current teammates a bit to the community?

Black: Mantis: Solo mid specialist, usually really aggressive, sometimes too aggressive though!

Storm/570: one of our support/gank players, usually plays the initator role and does a good job in finding the right places and timings to initiate/gank

Lucky: the second of our support/gank players, mostly seen on the full-support heroes. He gives all he possibly can to make the life of the hardcarry as easy as possible.

Ronin: I havent really played much with him, as ive always been the standin for him BUT i do know that he plays a great hardcarry and a very fierce Ursa

Equal: Usually plays our off-laner and somehow always manages to get decent farm and experience up

MrUrKe: As I mentioned above you are now part of Kazakh team. You started playing for them as a standin for RONIN. When did you receive official offer to play with them?

Black: They asked me to join them 2 days after the Dignitas Cup, as we had very good synergy and teamplay.

MrUrKe: You are now playing with the five Kazakhs and you are only foreign player in there. How do you feel about it?

Black: Well I joined knowing that, for me its not really a big deal, the only thing that is a bit annoying is that they are 4 hours ahead of my timezone sometimes making training hard.

MrUrKe: There is also time zone difference between Germany and Kazakhstan. Do you have hard time organizing practice sessions? There is also language barrier. How do manage you overcome it?

Black: As stated before, the timediffrence makes training harder, but not impossible. We try to play at least 2 games per day so we don't fall behind in metagame changes etc.

The language barrier is somewhat of a problem but not really a big deal. They're 4 from lan and I don't wanna make them talk English as it isnt that easy for them. We usually play without a voice program, which might seem to be a bad thing at first as you sometimes miss valuable information, BUT because of that,
all of us had to improve their mapawareness and game reading alot to make it work and we have shown that we can beat top teams the way we play.

MrUrKe: I mentioned earlier that you play with five Kazakhs. So now, since you are six in lineup, how do you think that’s going to work out? We’ve heard multiple times, that somebody always feel sided.

Black: As I said before, I am obviously the 6th man as 5 people from LAN will always be better than 4+1, I dont mind being a 6th player as long as I can improve and play alot, but as stated earlier, im definitely looking for a team that wants me in their main 5.

MrUrKe: Same day you joined the team, you lost as a structure behind you. Can you shed more light about that matter?

Black: I cant say anything on that matter, because we decided not to talk to anyone about it, sorry!

MrUrKe: What do you expect from a new structure?

Black: We NEED a salary, else they can only play very little or not at all. So what I expect is a salary and paid lan events.

MrUrKe: Let’s get back to your history a bit. Before joining NEXT you had two short episodes in the GamersLeague and in Sado No Metsu. What happened with these two?

Black: In GamersLeague everything went smooth until one day 2 members of the team started fighting, from that point on it only continued to go downhill and I eventually parted ways with them.

In Sado no Metsu it was pretty much the same deal, 2 started fighting and then it all fell apart. I was pretty sad after this happened, because we have been playing 5-6 funwars every day against all top teams and we did very well in those.

MrUrKe: And before that you played in Online Kingdom a bit before changing DOTA for HoN. Am I right?

Black: Yeah I played in OK together with Synderen, Xoynoznu and Fire, we had a pretty good run in eswc 2010 but sadly only made it to top 8. From all teams I had OK was probably the best and most fun to play with. We disbanded after ESWC 2010 because we committed alot of time in DotA to prepare for the event, after
we didn't really make a top placement people were disappointed and bored of the game.

MrUrKe: What made you leave Heroes of Newerth? Do you think it is money, and competition that pushed a lot of HoN players to the DOTA?

Black: Ever since I joined HoN I planned to come back when DotA 2 is ready and thats what i did. I can imagine money is a very big factor of HoN players switching to DotA 2. Personally, the thing that motivates me the most about DotA 2 is the hard competetion.

MrUrKe: Talking about game pace, which one do you like the most?

Black: I liked both HoN and Dota 1 game paces, but I LOVE the DotA 2 game pace the most, because HoN was a bit too fast and DotA was a bit too slow. DotA 2 is perfect.

MrUrKe: It seems like; with a change of team you also changed your role, from hard carry to the ganker/utility. Which role do you feel more comfortable with, and which one do you prefer more?

Black: It all depends on the heroes we draft. I still play the hardcarry in, unless we draft something like a solo sandking or something similar to that, because those heroes I feel very comfortable with. I personally think I'm still best with hardcarries and thats what I like to play the most too.

MrUrKe: What do you think about Dota2 development so far? Are you satisfied with the new hero additions?

Black: Yeah, I like the way they add heroes and im glad they add heroes that are very popular in DotA 1, because that way the competetive scene of DotA 2 will soon offer as many variations as DotA 1 does.

MrUrKe: What hero do you think is going to be most game breaking?

Black: Definitely Syllabear, even though I don't believe that he will ever make it through the ban pool at all. With the current heropool I feel like hes way too strong and hard to control. His lane presence can probably even outmatch the one of Shadow Demon who, at the moment, is the strongest solo hero.

MrUrKe: Recently KuroKy talked about engine and game as a whole with He thinks that game is much easier than before, and that new engine affects metagame a lot. Do you have any comment on above mentioned?

Black: I honestly never thought about that until I read his interview. I have to agree on what he said about the map which seems to be a bit smaller. The only thing I personally find easier in dota 2 though is lasthitting. And about the engine affecting the metagame, I'm not too sure about that, in my opinion the current heropool just favors pushstrategies alot.

MrUrKe: What do you think about Dota2 console? Do you use any special command for the better gaming experience?

Black: Cant say anything about this, never even TOUCHED the console, simply because I am too lazy.

MrUrKe: Which hero would you like to see being added next?

Black: After Syllabear I would love to see the Pandaren Brewmaster. The midgame presence he has will gurantee alot of good fighting and teamsfight. Another important fact is that he is a talking PANDA which makes him a BOSS. *smiles*

MrUrKe: Some pro-players are interacting with IceFrog a lot, giving him insights and new balance ideas. Do you have any relationship with our beloved developer?

Black: Nope, havent talked to IceFrog ever since I went to HoN. I leave the balance fixes to other players, as I am really only interested in playing and improving.

MrUrKe: Does lag play any role in Dota2? In several leagues we have seen multiple problems with spectators, or server problems when playing against oversea teams. Should they continue playing European tournaments?

Black: At the moment Asian teams like DK and CLC probably can't play in european tournaments yet, Valve stated that they will put up alot of servers in various locations to make the ping of everyone below 100. Once that happened they should definitely be invited to european tournaments again, because else they will never be able to show their true skill online. And I also experienced some lag issues when there are too many spectators in the game or too many people try to connect via ip, Valve said they're working on this issue though, so I expect it to be fixed very soon.

MrUrKe: Since the early beta, we have seen a lot of newly sponsored teams, and big organizations jumping and leaving the bandwagon. Do you think that this issue affects scene stability as a whole?

Black: It definitely affects the stability of the scene, adding a team and dropping it right after doesnt really help DotA 2 at all. Some organisations added teams, because they won ONE game vs NaVi on lan, I am not gonna lie its hard to beat them, but adding a team because of one win vs NaVi seems to be a bit hasty, which i think was the biggest problem too, organisations being too hasty.

MrUrKe: How does a weekly patch affect scene and results in general?

Black: It changes the metagame every week, so every week there could be a new team rising because it might favor their playstyle or they just play really well with a certain hero. That wont change until all the heroes that are in DotA 1 will be implented in DotA 2. I also think thats the time where the weekly adding of heroes will stop.

MrUrKe: What do you think about recent sponsored teams by big organizations? Were they fast on making their choices? Who do you think made the right choice?

Black: I dont really wanna talk about right or wrong choices, the only thing that really caught my attention was SK dropping their team which started to play really well right after that, so I guess you could say that was a mistake.

MrUrKe: Do you interact with the community on various gaming website such as SK-Gaming or so?

Black: Not on big sites as SK-Gaming or anything similar to that, I do enjoy talking to people about DotA though, that mostly happens at IRC.

MrUrKe: We have reached the end of this insightful interview. Is there anything you would like to add or say to our readers? Any final shoutouts?

Black: Shoutout to my teammates, Diana, Misha, Dave, Jaron, Kainin, Stonie, Slap0r and all of our fans!!!

Who would you like to see interviewed next week? Let us know through comments. Your vote counts!



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