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Zenith crowned the 4th Dota Masters

By 'Ghostchanter'
Mar 29, 2012 20:40

ImageZenith(ex-MYM) faced the crowd favourite Absolute Legends today in a battle to take the title of Dota Masters for joindota’s 4th Masters cup, with Zenith coming out on top and winning 500€(~$644).

With the best teams in Asia coming to battle each other in the 4th joinDOTA Masters, we were guaranteed some good matches and the tournament did not fail to deliver. SGTeam Zenith faced off against THMiTH.Trust and then PHEvoGT MSI on their way to the finals, while opponents AUAbsolute Legends faced MYOrange eSports and then CNCanis Lupus Campestris . Absolute Legends made easier work of their trip to the final, but Zenith were looking strong also and the stage was set for the final.

The first game had some interesting picks to say the least, and the game itself did not disappoint those watching it. Zenith displayed possibly the best shut down of an anti-mage seen in quite some time, mixed with high rates of success in early ganking, which resulted in them taking a strong lead going into the mid game. An excellent performance by SGXu 'zx' Zhen Xiang as Windrunner on the bottom lane is a large part of why Zenith have this advantage. While AL put up as much resistances as they could, the game was all but lost in the 28th minute as Zenith took their second set of rax from AL’s base and it was gg by the 32nd minute – a very convincing win by Zenith.

In less convincing fashion, Zenith went into game 2 with confidence and ended up, in what many commented as, “throwing” the game, allowing AL to take back a game in the series. AL not being the team you need to invite to take a win off you, they played well all game however Zenith did seem to have an advantage, but two team fights later and as soon as Zenith opened the door for AL to take their base, they did so without hesitation and took the finals to game 3.

The final game saw Zenith pick quick a pushing line up, and in a return to form after the mistakes of last game quickly took control of the game. Working as a true team of 5, Zenith ganked AL hard and pushed all the lanes far. By the 20min mark Zenith were in complete control of the game, with (another) great performance from XY on Sand King, leading to the action every time he moved in for the kill. 27mins in and Zenith were pushing into the base of AL, taking their first set of rax. AL played very badly all match and the gg’s were called at 33min mark. Player of the finals quite rightfully named as SGXu 'zx' Zhen Xiang by the commentators, well done to him and Zenith – enjoy the 500eu you just won!

This was AL’s second attempt at a dota master’s final, and another where they have failed to win the finals. With some very sloppy play, especially in the last game, it wonders if AL has lost touch with the higher level dota 2 teams at the moment. On the other hand Zenith want to go to the international, and it is finals like this that makes you see why they want it so badly. Will we see them in the next international?

Final shoutout goes to tournament hosts joindota and tobi wan for providing the commentary over VOD’s will be uploaded within the coming days for you all to enjoy over at joinDOTA.



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