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PAX and IPL4 coming up soon

Mar 29, 2012 14:51

ImageApril is coming soon and the month will be starting with two great League of Legends events. Riot will be attending PAX in Boston and also travel to Las Vegas for the IPL 4. Wanna know more details? We got you covered.

Do you love League of Legends? Did you always want to embrace an event live and get to meet members of Riot or top players? If you live in North America or in case you are going to travel there in the beginning of April, you should remember these two upcoming events:

PAX East, Boston

As Riot always loved attending PAX, it's understood that they will be a part of this year's PAX in Boston as well. This event will take place on three days starting on April 6th – April 8th and includes lots of League of Legends activities. Additionally to that you will also be bumping into a few members of Riot Games who can't wait to meet you there.

You will find Riot at Booth #690, the spot you should keep in mind if you want your time at PAX to be full of LoL action. There will be intense games on the show floor, Cosplay Fashion shows and “Get Your Phreak On” Dance-Off events waiting for you to be attended. If your your motto is "spin to win" you will surely be appreciating Garen and his Spin-to-Win giveaway station. On top of that, there will also be a Needlessly Large Paysafecard Tournament, so be there in time to be a part of that fun.

You think it can't get better? Well, it's Garen-teed that it can. Visitors of PAX will be able to get free exclusive skins for some of their favorite champions, but they will also have a shot at playing some all-new ones. All this great stuff will be going on at PAX in Boston, so if you are living close or wanna go for a road trip to embrace LoL together with Riot and other Summoners you should definitely come around. You can now register for the event and the badges are selling quickly, so go check the PAX website to claim your tickt in time.


IPL 4 Las Vegas, Nevada

Also, Riot are gonna travel to Las Vegas, Nevada soon where the next Challenger Circuit event is waiting for them already.

Starting on April 6th – April 8th the IPL4 Pro League Championship will be hosted Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here's an overview of the teams that will be fighting fighting on the Fields of Justice for a total price of $50,000.

There are still some tickets left, so grab them as long as you still can on the official tickets page.

If you wanna catch up with what happened in the qualifying rounds you can check out all the matches on demand at IPL's YouTube channel. Also, keep in mind to tune in to the IPL Killing Spree every Thursday at 01:00 UK time (5:00PM Pacific Time).

For all of you who won't be able to come to see the action live don't worry - of course there will be a full coverage of the tournament, featuring recaps and videos on demand of the matches. There will be more details about IPL 4 when the event comes closer, so stay tuned for more information.




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