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Getting To Know SK|Ocelote

By J 'JammeH' M
Mar 28, 2012 02:00

ImageThe third installment of Getting To Know, features our very own Ocelote!

Shark3D: Hi Ocelote, and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview! Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

"Hey! I’m Carlos Rodríguez Santiago, 21 years old, and I just finished my studies in economy less than a year ago. I spend my freetime on... doing interviews, answering e-mails and facebook messages from fans.... Sometimes I call my friends and just chill with them for a while (just when I’m overheated :p)."

Shark3D: Alright great stuff, could you also tell us a little bit about Ocelote as a boy, before you got into video games? What sort of hobbies did you have?

"Always competed at sports. Football, Paddling, Judo... Whatever kind of sport that had tournaments was fun for me. Always loved laying in my bed listening to some good music. When I was younger I always had that "imp" type of character. I was one of the few that flirted with girls at eight years old, I threw paper balls to the school’s blackboard, turned over a ca... uhm, nevermind.

I always had a charismatic character that helped me in reaching every goal I had. In school, I pretty much slacked a lot, but for some reason, I got great scores on my exams. Used to love ‘Physical education’ class, and hated the “Spanish Language” one. I LOVED Maths!"

Shark3D: Interesting indeed! How about your parents? What kind of jobs do they have, and what sort of education and values did they pass on to you?

" My mom is an ‘Image consultant’ for actors and actresses, and my dad is a Technical Engineer, but sadly, neither of them is having any luck trying to find a job. That’s Spain atm...
The education my parents gave to me was: "If you got a dream, follow it. No matter what people say, no matter how harassed u get. Follow it." And that’s what I’m doing."

Shark3D: Do you think any of the experiences and life-lessons you just described shaped you or prepared you for what you’re doing right now?

"Definitely yes."

Shark3D: When did you first realize you loved competition?

"Can’t remember. Always competed for everything. Playing marbles, chromes, whatever.. Always wanted to compete, and Win."

Shark3D: When did you get into gaming, and did it take long before you started taking gaming seriously?

"I got into gaming around 8 years ago. Became a player for the National DoD Team! Started taking it seriously when I realized while playing WoW, that I was way better than other people that played more than me, for some reason. Thought maybe I was born with a gift."

Shark3D: So how did your parents and friends feel about it?

"During the first years, everybody harassed me so much. Noone trusted in me. Noone. But I realized that it was my dream, and noone could break it. When they started seeing how my hard work was bringing me results, traveling around the whole world and getting paid for playing a computer game, they started supporting me (Maybe this guy was right, I bet they thought).

One of my friends, Javier, always told me: "I Trust u, u can achieve it, COME ON CARLOS!" Now everybody accepts it and respects me for that. I don’t hide it, since I’m proud of what I did and what I’m doing, u can’t imagine how much I had to work to get where I am right now."

Shark3D: When did you start playing LoL, and what was your first big event?

"Started playing in the beta, then stopped for a good while, ‘til Araneae convinced me to start playing again to train for the first IEM in Hanover."

Shark3D: How do the people in your life feel about Ocelote the progamer now? Has much changed since you made the switch to LoL and became famous?

"Nothing changed, except for the fact that many people now recognize me in the streets, clubs and places like that. I always was a likeable happy person :)"

Shark3D: How did going pro affect your life, did anything change in regards to your education?

"I always was a well educated person, thanks to my family. But I’ll be frank. In my life, there were two moments where I became a better person and human being. One of them, the year I spent with my football trainer (Granini), where he always treated me like a man, being polite and only pointing out small mistakes. That year changed my life, literally. Noone likes you enough if he only tells u the things you're doing good. U can’t improve that way. This coach taught me that you need to point out your own mistakes to become better at what you do.

The other moment I was talking about, was when I was at Gamescom 2011. A guy bound to a wheelchair came to me with tear-streaked eyes, and asked for an autograph and a photo. I dropped a tear when I took the photo, and the guy was shaking. (By the way, I would like that person to contact me, got a present for him!). That night, I promised myself I wouldn’t blame, trashtalk or insult anybody in my life anymore. I kept that promise until now, where I can say clearly that I'm one of the most, if not the most respectful player in the eSports scene. That day, I understood that I am a rolemodel, and if I do something wrong, many people will think it’s funny or something, when it’s not. It’s totally unrespectful and a very poor show of character. I was raised better than that."


Shark3D: Over 50% of youths under 25 are currently unemployed in Spain. How do you feel about that fact, what should change in the future, and does this have anything to do with you working very hard to grow as a professional gamer?

"Spains situation is horrible, u can’t imagine, but I can say clearly that I’m lucky at this aspect. And no, I don’t work hard to have a job, I work hard to be a legend and create a legacy in eSports. The path to reach those dreams brings me so much fun and happiness, that’s the reason I keep doing what I’m doing, and answering this interview at 2am, when I have to wake up tomorrow at 8 am."

Shark3D: Where do see yourself in 10 years from now, realisticly, and where would you really love to be in 10 years if your imagination is the limit?

"Imagination: In 10 years I see myself leading a company related with eSports. Boosting Gaming to unreached limits.
Realisticly: In 10 years, I will definitely lead a company related with eSports. Boosting Gaming to unreached limits. ;)"

Shark3D: What’s the source of your burning motivation?

"Tomorrow I might die suddenly. Or you.
That’s why you have to live like there is no tomorrow. Every second is special and worth of an emotion."

Shark3D: Inspiring words. Everyone that’s snuck a look at your runepages knows you love Will Smith. Do you simply think he’s a great actor, or is there more to it?

"He’s a beast, that’s all. One day I’ll work along him, pretty sure of that."

Shark3D: Will Smith has said that he does not think of himself as very talented, but that the main reason for his success comes from his disgusting work ethic. Does this apply to you on some level?

"I don’t think so. I enjoy every moment I spend in this path to the success."

Shark3D: What in your opinion, is most crucial thing for success in any person?

"Don’t stop believing. Like SK Gaming’s statement, from 1997 “Gaming is believing”. This is why I love this organization, and this is why SK is melted to my heart."

Shark3D: Do you believe it’s true that a person can accomplish anything they want if they truly believe in it?


Shark3D: You have so many loyal fans, do you think this is because of your passion, charisma, hard work, etc..?

"U couldn’t explain it better. There is no gamer apart from me with this passion for gaming."

Shark3D: You’ve played WoW Arena on a competitive level. Blizzard ‘admitted’ the game was never fit to be a pvp spectator sport or even a competitive game. Do you feel different?

"They were right :>"


Shark3D: You played a warrior in WoW, and you play AP carry in LoL, two very different roles. What happened, whats the logic or reason behind that?

"There is a logic :p. Warriors always had to manage to get their burst in at the perfect moment, having to pop out opponent’s cooldowns first, or using part of the burst to pop them or make them play defensive when they go agressive on your teammates. Isn’t it what AP’s do?
Bruisers, the natural warriors, are there to be in front, creating a virtual wall between opponent’s carries and ur team’s ones. That’s not what warriors did in WoW :).
I guess I just like being the most deciding factor, in any game. That’s why I probably play football as ‘Striker’."

Shark3D: Why do you play AP carry?

"Being the deciding factor is always something I’m looking for. Since I trust in myself more than in anybody else."

Shark3D:If the meta changes in the future and it turns out better to lane ap carries bottom in a duolane, would you still play AP? Or would you pick up whatever goes middle at that point?

"I will probably play the most important role to carry the game. If AP Carry stops being that, I can assure you I wont keep playing it."

Shark3D: If you had to fill any role but AP for SK, what role would it be?
"Any single one I can help carrying with."

Shark3D: Let’s talk about the elite club of AP carries that currently have a strangehold on competitive play. Who are they, what’s wrong with them and what could be changed?

"Galio, Ryze, Morgana, Mordekaiser, Kennen.
Maybe it’sjust a coincidence, but all of them can push without going out of mana. Pushing is the curse of this game. Makes the game way less skilled and really gets on my nerves. Because I feel like I’m outplaying the opponent when I got 20 more creeps at level 7. That’s not a competitive game."

Shark3D: What’s your favourite ap carry?

"Cassopeia, the most poweful in my hands. She just fits me perfectly."

Shark3D: Favourite champion?

"Leblanc. It’s a shame that she isnt viable because you can’t push with her."

Shark3D: Champion(s) you think should be removed from the game?

"Galio, Ryze, Morgana, Mordekaiser, Kennen."

Shark3D: Can you talk a little about what kind of runes and masteries you like to run, and the reason for that?

"I like running full magic pen, AP/level and AP Flats, but the current metagame makes it impossible for me to play like that. Defensive players have their moment right now. Offensive players are gonna fail hard, and gonna have to try to fit in the current unskilled metagame.
Players like Reginald, or me, fail hard at the moment, because we want to flash in and kill. Can’t do that at the moment, u have to stay back and farm.
Sad, right?"

Shark3D: Glyphs: magic resist or ap/level? Why?

"I want: Ap/level.
I need: Magic ressist.
As I explained before, current metagame is based on “Who’s more tanky”, instead of “Who’s more skilled”."

Shark3D: What do you think about the top lane?? It often feels like toplane isn’t really part of the action for most of the game, should Riot make some changes so that it becomes more relevant?

"Toplane is probably the most fun lane at the moment. You actually fight the opponent, and that makes me jelly! Maybe that’s the reason I only play that role in soloqueue lately :p I anyways think toplane is pretty important when you talk about game dominance. So I think you are wrong with that sentence!"

Shark3D: What in your opinion is the best item in the game, can be anything even consumables.

"Abyssal scepter. Broken."

Shark3D: How do you feel about the blue buff nerf, and do you think blue buff is problematic since it gives unlimited mana and free scaling for APs?

"Blue buff nerf is fine and you don’t even notice it unless you are Anivia. Before the patch, she was OP with blue buff, so I guess that change is most likely perfect."

Shark3D:The current meta focuses very much on teamplay and much less so individual skill. Would you prefer a meta where individual skill is more important?

"No, I would prefer a meta where both facts are important, not just one.
In CS, you can’t have 5 tacticmans. U need a proper aim, right?
In SC2, apart from game knowledge, u need an awesome macro and micro, right?
Why in LoL, u don’t need to be an awesome individual player aslong as you got synergy with your team to achieve the ingame objectives?
This game is turning into objectives, instead of teamfights, making the game less interesting and more tactical."

Shark3D: Do you think the OGN Champions League will have an impact on the Euro/NA meta?

"No, I don’t think so."

Shark3D: Lets talk about your team a little, are you happy with the current lineup?

"A lot. They got so much potential, and they are starting to believe in theirselves."

Shark3D: Do you think it’s important for a team to stick together as long as possible?

"Yes it is."

Shark3D: If at some point in the future, it turns out certain players might not be individually skilled enough or reach a plateau, would you prefer to keep the same team together, or replace those players even though it means having to rebuild synergy with the new lineup?

"If those players don’t step up their game, the answer is pretty obvious.
This is a competitive team, it might turns out into a family, like we are right now, but this doesn’t stop being what it is, a competitive team."

Shark3D:What do you think are some strong and weak points in all of your teammates?

"Nyph: Even though lately he’s not doing perfectly, due to some real life things he had to take care of, I can ensure you there is no support player that reads the game better than this guy. In every team, u need an AIMER, an unexpected player etcetc... and then you need a Nyph.
So much game knowledge, apart from map awareness. He is the best at his role, no discussion. And maybe not now, but in the following months, you will feel the power of reading the game properly, because Nyph will quit the job to invest time in studying every team, their strenghs and weaknesses.

CandyPanda: Not extremely consistent, but if he is motivated enough, he will carry the game.

Kevin: This guy is amazing. Playing top for 1 month and a half, and already destroys every single one in that lane. Speechless.

Dedra: He is learning everything I can teach him. Unexperienced, but learns fast. He’ll end up being a deciding factor.

I believe every team captain would be jealous of my lineup. I can’t be happier with these guys, because they are the reason we will succeed."

Shark3D: Give me three words or sentences that best describe each player on SK.

"Nyph: “Oh yes” “Humble” “Awesome human being”
CandyPanda: “Carry” “Learning fast” “BrotherPanda!”
Kevin: “Best toplaner” “MISS TOP” “Club dance”
Dedrayon: “FINGER” “Lee Sin” (Even tho he only has 1 or 2 games with that champion) “Throwing money cause he doesn’t need it”"

Shark3D: You’re at an event, there are two hotelrooms with two single beds, and one room with one double bed. Who sleeps where?

"We’ll probably end up sleeping all in the same double bed, putting some baby powder to eachother’s backs. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA"

Shark3D: Can you try to describe what went through you when Candypanda did the epic baronsteal versus aAa at Hanover?

"Goosebumps....... When I’m about to die, 90 years old, I’ll remember that moment like it was yesterday."

Shark3D: Do you guys gel as a team outside of the game? Are your teammates your friends?

"Yes. Couldn’t believe how strong were the chains that linked us."

Shark3D: How important is good clear communication when playing competitive games? Is the language barrier in SK an issue?

"It's pretty important. We all talk english very well, so that’s not a problem."

Shark3D: Tell us where your team can improve most in your opinion.

"New ideas."

Shark3D:You recently visited the SK offices in Cologne, how does it feel to be working with one of the oldest and most renowned organizations in all of esports?

"SK is in my blood, and Ocelote is in SK’s blood. We are both an unbreakable team that will stay together for so long."

Shark3D: Did you ever expect to see your face on advertisements for gaming gear?

"Yes, I did. And expect way more for the future."

Shark3D: A lot of people like to hate on SK, have you experienced some of that hate personally?

"Yes, I did. But if someone hates us without a true reason, I believe that the hate surrounding that person is created from envy."

Shark3D: Do you think success breeds jealousy?

"Yes I do."

Shark3D: You stream a lot, are you making good money in doing so? Do you think in the future people that aren’t in a famous team will also be able to make a living off streaming?

"I know I’m worth more money than what I’m earning, and I’m earning a lot. But everything in due time, bro! I don’t think players can make a living if they aren’t good enough at it."

Shark3D: You keep up with your fans through sharing your music playlists, and irc channel, your website oceloteworld, important is it for successful players to stay in touch with their fans and take advantage of social media?

"I don’t know how important is, because the only thing that it brings me is happyness. I don’t earn more money from answering fans in facebook, irc or twitter, or creating content for my webpage, cause all the money goes for the webmaster. But it makes me happy, and that’s more than enough.
If for those players you mention, the happiness is being found by keeping in touch with their community, then yes, it’s important. If they are greedy bastards moneywise, better create a community page and try to screw some players to get some benefit from them. Moneywise, spending time with the community isn’t a good choice. As I said, It just makes me happy :)"

Shark3D: What are your hopes for esports in the future?

"I want to be one of the boosters of eSports. And my dream is, creating a stadium, like Basketball ones, where the best tournament of the year will take place. Crowd going bonkers on a crazy move, shoutcaster putting enphasis on every crazy action.... It’s one of my dreams."

Shark3D: Thanks a lot for the interview, anything else you wish to share?

"I would like to thank the fans, and give them my favourite song. This song is being used by me for so long, in many situations. When I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m emotive, epic or in a winning streak: Youtube link
By the way, I want to make sure everybody knows that you can watch my stream either from or
Remember to Like my Facebook Page!"

Photos by: ESL, Awesomekubi, Oceloteworld and Gamersmafia.

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