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Karrigan teams up with fnatic

By Natasha 'tashaa' L
Mar 25, 2012 18:30

ImageFinn 'Karrigan' Andersen will be the latest player to wear the black and orange jersey in replacement of tactician Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon who retired after IEM6 WC.

DK Finn 'karrigan' Andersen has been announced to be SE Fnatic ’s missing fifth player as the Danish talent is released from DE mousesports with immediate effect.

Last week the “end of an era” occurred with DE mousesports closing their CS division with the team still carrying on to compete in EPS, leaving the players without an organisation for the future. Although their contracts were due to end in June 2012, Andersen has been released from his contract in order to fill the shoes of SE Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon in SE Fnatic .

With mousesports a player down, they have opted to take the services of DE Christian 'Blizzard' Chmiel to finish the EPS season off in replacement of the Dane. The first time to see the new fnatic team in action fully will be at Copenhagen Games which kicks off April 4th in Øksnehallen.

Andersen said the following to SE about the switch:
" After mousesports shut down I only saw one place I could picture myself and that was with Fnatic, I missed playing Michael and Andreas. The reason I joined was; If you can't beat them, then join them. I played a lot versus Fnatic last year and every time they came on top, so for me it was an easy decision to take and I'm glad I got the offer from Fnatic. It's hard to predict how people will react to this, because the player I'm replacing is an irreplaceable in my opinion. cArn has showed himself over and over again, that he's one of the most successful player out there. I hope I can bring other things to the table and get some trophies out of that."

The demise of cArn also saw the departure of fnatic’s tactician. Andersen explained how the roles have switched in the team to deal with the loss, as SE Richard 'Xizt' Landström takes the role of in-game leader.

New roles in the eyes of Karrigan:
" Friis: Our AWP player
Gux: The entryfragger
Moddii: The entryfragger, but also our more defensive player
Xizt: The tactical brain behind Fnatic from now on
Me: 2nd AWP player and then I'm trying to be the “bomb carrier”. "

In the time Andersen spent with DE mousesports he quickly became known as one of the best sniper players in the world. During his time in the German organisation the team managed to take third place at ESWC 2011 and second place at IEM6 GC Guangzhou, where the team eventually crashed out to Andersen’s new team fnatic in the final 2-1.




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