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MLG Winter Championship Day 1 Recap

By Kyle 'bigmangriff' Griffin
Mar 24, 2012 20:49

ImageDay 1 of MLG's Winter Championship did not disappoint. With Halo: Reach fans coming out in full force and SK_MC competing, it was a day of none stop action.

Image MLG's first event of 2012 started with nothing but excitement and drama. MLG showed that they know how to start an event as they kicked off SC2 action with the Winter Arena Champion, MarineKingPrime, taking on SK's own MC. Unfortunately, MC lost 0-2. After the match, MKP walked over to MC's booth and hugged his fellow SC2 competitor and friend. At the end of the day MC was tied for 2nd in Group A with Quantic's SaSe and Slayers Ganzi. With 2 slots to be filled by open play competitors, there is still time for him to distance himself from the field.

Groups B and C, where both dominated by their respective top seeds, CoL_DRG and EG Huk. Group D ended the night with a 3 way tie for 1st, with StarTale Parting, OGS TheStC and FXO_Oz. Fan favorite Grubby ended the night with 3 loses. There is still time for the open player to make a splash in pool play as Day 2 gets underway.

With the possibility of the Winter Championships being the last Halo: Reach event sponsored by MLG, the fan base has come out in epic fashion. Add in the return of Free For All, people who would not have had a team to compete with got a chance to test themselves against the best of the best. The competitor turnout was so large that the FFA Tournament was delayed for a hour, as organizers scrambled to compensate for players who signed up at the door. Competing along with those who where in the FFA where all the players who are competing in the Team Tournament over Saturday and Sunday.

The Team Tournament is using the FFA for bracket placement. Depending on where the players place in the FFA, they score points for their team, the more points they secure, the higher in the bracket they are placed. With the delay to the start of the event, the semi-finals and finals will be played Saturday night. Enough games where played though, so team placements could be finalized for the tournament.

The event can be viewed all weekend on MLG's website HERE, more information can be found on the tournament page.

Pictures from the weekend can be found HERE.



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