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Top 15 best selling PC games of all time

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Mar 22, 2012 17:57

ImageTom's Hardware has published a list of the 'Top 15 best selling PC games of all time'. Esports titles StarCraft, StarCraft 2 and Counter-Strike sit amongst the likes of The Sims and Minecraft.

Famous technology site Tom's hardware has published an article listing "The Top 15 Best-Selling PC Games Of All Time". Popular mainstream PC gaming titles like The Sims, Half-life and WoW naturally have a place on the list, but esports titles like the StarCraft series and Counter-Strike make a strong appearance.

Myst, the game famously touted as the first CD-ROM game, surprisingly occupies third, while the legendary Diablo II only sneaks onto the list at 14th. Recent phenomenon Minecraft, released only last year, has already climbed to 6th, suggesting its creator must be a very wealthy man now, in light of its distribution method.

The Top 15 Best-Selling PC Games Of All Time

1st The Sims (2000) - 7 Million copies
2nd StarCraft (1998) - 7 Million copies
3rd Myst (1993) - 6 Million copies
4th The Sims II (2004) - 6 Million copies
5th Half-life II (2004) - 6 Million copies
6th Minecraft (2011) - 5.3 Million copies
7th Battlefield 3 (2011) - 5 Million copies
8th Simcity 3000 (1999) - 5 Million copies
9th Half-life (1998) - 5 Million copies
10th WoW: Cataclysm (2011) - 4.7 Million copies
11th Riven (1997) - 4.5 Million copies
12th StarCraft II (2010) - 4.5 Million copies
13th Counter-Strike (1999) - 4.2 Million copies
14th Diablo II (2000) - 4 Million copies
15th Cossacks: European Wars (2001) - 4 Million copies

Counter-Strike's success began largely thanks to the wild success of Half-Life, as so many people bought the single-player FPS masterpiece that it provided a large playerbase of people capable of accessing the CS mod. It wasn't until the retail edition of CS that non-HL owning players could get involved, by which time Ksharp, HeatoN and Potti were all on their way to becoming well known players.

StarCraft2 is an obvious phenomenon worldwide but sales of StarCraft are massively supported by the success the game had in South Korea. The country of only 45 million population has apparently accounted for something in the region of 4 million, over 50%, of the game's total sales.

Source: Tom's hardware via TeamLiquid



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