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MC's GSL Code S Group + Match-up Analysis

By Trial 'Trial_Writer' Writer
Mar 22, 2012 03:24

ImageAn in-depth analysis of the players and match-ups in MC's 2012 GSL Code S group, which contains Virus, InCa and NesTea.

The 2012 GSL Code S groups have been released, and SK Gaming's KR has drawn KR Jae-Duck 'NesTea' Lim, KR Park Joon 'Virus' Yong and KR Jun Hyuk 'InCa' Song. Not the easiest group MC's ever seen, but it could've been worse. Here is a run-down of each player individually, and an analysis of each potential match-up that could be seen.

2012 GSL S2 Code S Group E

KR (P)
KR Jae-Duck 'NesTea' Lim (Z)
KR Jun Hyuk 'InCa' Song (P)
KR Park Joon 'Virus' Yong (T)

Player analysis

KR (P)
SK Gaming's MC is the favourite to top the group coming into the tournament. MC's exit from season 1 of the tournament courtesy of Genius came as a slight shock. Despite the fact that Genius is an extremely talented player, most felt that MC's PvP prowess would bring him through the round relatively unscathed. It wasn't to be though, as Genius put MC to the sword, and swept him in a 3-0 series. MC will be entering into GSL season 2 with confidence though, coming off the back of his IEM World Championship win in Hanover.

KR Jae-Duck 'NesTea' Lim (Z)

ImageNesTea, at the age of 29, is probably the most well traveled Starcraft player currently in the Code S tournament. As one of the most successful SC2 players to this point - with 3 GSL championships under his belt - NesTea is likely to be MC's most difficult match-up in the group. At first glance, his performance in S1 appears to have been relatively poor, with NesTea getting knocked out of the tournament in the round of 16 group stages. However, his 0-2 record in the group is misleading, with the losses coming in close games at the hands of DongRaeGu and Genius - the 2 players who would eventually find themselves vying for the Code S championship. Both NesTea and MC will be competing for the top spot in Group E.

KR Jun Hyuk 'InCa' Song (P)
InCa, the second Protoss player in Group E, will be hoping to return to his form of old. He placed 2nd in last May's GSL, where he lost in the final to fellow group member NesTea, and since then hasn't made much of a mark on the scene. In last season's Code S, he dropped out of the tournament in the initial group stages, as he fell to Curious in the match that would decide the group's 2nd place position. He has his work cut out for him in this group, but with a PvP winrate of higher than 80%, the possibility of an upset against MC - whose PvP is also incredibly strong - is always there.

ImageKR Park Joon 'Virus' Yong (T)

As the least achieved player in the group, Virus comes into the tournament having qualified from Code A in season 1. Virus has participated in the Code S tournament numerous times before, but in his 4 Code S turnouts, he has failed to progress past the round of 16. Having said that, 3 of his 4 appearances in Code S have seen him make it through the initial group stages. It remains to be seen if this is a feat he can achieve once again, but with Group E boasting MC, NesTea and InCa, you wouldn't put any money on it.


MC (P) vs NesTea (Z)

Destined to be the showcase match of the group, PvZ is neither of these players' strongest match-up, so this one could be hard to predict. NesTea hasn't been in the greatest form of late, with his last major tournament appearance being at MLG's Winter Arena, where he was eliminated from the tournament, in what could be seen as an upset against Quantic's NaNiwa. For this reason, MC should be expected to come out as victor here.

MC (P) vs InCa (P)

Both Protoss players have incredibly high PvP win rates - although MC's PvP has been slightly off the boil recently - but with MC having shown his skill consistently at the highest of levels, and coming into the tournament with the momentum from his IEM still behind him, he should take this match-up. PvP is notoriously unpredictable though, and is frequently won thanks to build order wins, or 'gimmicky' builds, so nothing is set in stone.

MC (P) vs Virus (T)

This game will likely be the most comfortable for MC. MC has looked good in recent PvT match-ups against stronger Terrans than Virus, and should be able to win this match without breaking much sweat.

NesTea (Z) vs InCa (P)

These two have met once before in Code S, in last year's GSL finals in May. NeSTea took the series more than comfortably, as he swept InCa aside in a 4-0 series that showed NeSTea was a class above the Protoss player. A win for NeSTea should be expected here, despite ZvP not being his strongest match-up.

NesTea (Z) vs Virus (T)

Even the fact that this is currently NesTea's weakest match-up shouldn't stop him from taking this game with ease. Virus, who has lost to NesTea before in the GSL, hasn't made any significant noise in the scene of late. Despite his impressive record of appearances in the last 16 of Code S, NesTea should prove just too strong of a player for Virus.

InCa (P) vs Virus (T)

Both players are underdogs of the group, with MC and NesTea expected to ease through to the last 16. InCa could pose troublesome for MC though, and it's not impossible that he could progress if he does in fact beat MC. InCa should dispose of Virus though, and after beating Virus 2-0 in their last encounter, he'll be confident of winning going into the game.

Who do you think will make it out of the group and in which order?

This post was written by trial editor: UK cyni

SK Gaming are recruiting editors. Find out how you can get involved via the Jobs page.

(Photograph courtesy of thisisgame)



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