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IEM World Championship broke records

Mar 20, 2012 15:02

ImageIt's been one week since the IEM World Championship came to an end. Now it's official: The event was a new record online and for the Western E-Sports.

Only a week has passed since top teams and LoL players from all over the world gathered in Hanover, Germany. All the teams who qualified for the IEM World Championship had the chance to fight for the most glorious League of Legends title since Season 1 Championship. The battle for cash, fame and entertainment for everyone who watched took place on the biggest E-Sports stage anyone has ever caught sight of.

During the championship, that was hosted in Hall 23 at CeBIT, thousands of spectators came to watch their favorite teams and players play live. Due to more and more visitors entering the Hall to watch, the convention's staff needed to turn them down at the door cause there were too many people inside already. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands viewers from 181 countries all over the world watched the event online, using the live broadcast. When Moscow 5 were named the winners of the IEM and given the World Championship cup, the number of online viewers was over 267,000 – a world record for an E-Sports event that wasn't taking place in Korea.

Throughout the tournament, a total amount of 2.2 million players watched the IEM online and Riot thanks their community for all the support and passion.

Image Image

Here is an overview of the final placements:

1st: Moscow Five - $50.000
2nd: Team Dignitas - $20,000
3rd: Counter Logic Gaming - $8,000
4th: against All authority - $3,800
5th: SK Gaming - $2,800
6th: Team Curse Academy - $2,800
7th: Team SoloMid - $2,200
8th: Team ALTERNATE - $2,200
9th: Team Sypher - $2,100
10th: Fnatic - $2,100
11th: EHOME - $2,000
12th: Millenium - $2,000

Image Image

Of course the Challenger Circuit also got affected by this tournament. Moscow 5 are now on top of the European Challenger Circuit, leading with 800 points due to winning two tournament prices in a row). SK Gaming are now ranked second and have successfully caught up with FnaticRC, who're now on rank three.

Less changes happened in the NA Challenger Circuit. CLG managed to break their tie with Team Solomid by scoring 750 points. Solomid is in second place with an amount of 675 points, but they gotta keep their eyes open for Dignitas who are ranked third.

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