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Imaqtpie to be kicked from Dignitas?

By Pieter 'Shark3D' Cortebeeck
Mar 19, 2012 04:39

ImageA storm of drama seems to be unfolding in the North American scene in the aftermath of IEM Hanover. The latest rumour is a juicy one: AD carry player Imaqtpie might be dropped from the Dignitas roster.

Due to US Joe 'Voyboy' Esfahani not turning off his stream in time, private information leaked into the public eye, and word of a discussion within team Dignitas hit the official NA LoL forum.

Apparently, US Michael 'Imaqtpie' Santana had a lot of connection problems in the fatal1ty-sponsored North American League of Legends tournament, which caused him to drop from a live match. Shortly after the first disconnect he rejoined the game and asked his team: "Did we win yet?", only to leave the game again. To make matters worse, he rejoined the game again later on, asked his team the same question, and ran facefirst into the enemy team all by himself, resulting in a death. After which he disconnected from the game once more. Some serious trolling indeed.

This disrespectful behaviour coupled with a complete lack of remorse for his actions seems to have angered his teammates, as they are contemplating removing him from the lineup.

We recently saw US Christian 'TheRainMan' Kahmann stepping down from playing the top lane for US Team SoloMid , as well as US Dan 'DanDinh' Dinh being benched on US Epik Gaming . If this rumour is confirmed, the total number of players removed from their teams will rise to three, and team US Team Dignitas will be on the lookout for a new AD carry player.

What do you think? Is this type of behaviour ever acceptable?
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