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AWP Weapon Guide by SK|vilden

By Ian 'iantje' F
May 1, 2006 20:20

The SK Insider Weapon Guides will tell you how to use the most popular weapons in Counter-Strike, what the advantages are, what the disadvantages are, when and how to use them, when not to use them but also how to take out an enemy that is using the weapon in question.

The weapon guides aim to be the number one comprehensive article on how to get the most out of your precious bullets.
All classes of weapons will be featured, from rifles to pistols. Each guide will be written by a player from the CPL World Champion SK Sweden team. Because every player uses a gun differently or thinks about strategic advantages differently we will let all players from the SK Sweden team write multiple weapon guides so you can chose your favourite or combine all the information and make up your own style. All text guides will also be accompanied by a video guide showing everything in game.
The first player to be featured is Christian vilden Lidström. Not only is Christian a world renowned master tactician but he is also one of the best AWPers in the world today. The AWP is a very popular gun because it's so powerful and accurate but it is not the easiest gun to master because you only have one bullet at a time. With the help of vilden however you will soon master the most powerful weapon in Counter-Strike by following his pointers in the text and video guide available to SK Insider members.
» AWP Weapon Guide by Christian "vilden" Lidström



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