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Rapha with double gold at QuakeCon 2013

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Aug 4, 2013 17:02

ImageOur Quake pride managed to snatch a double first place this weekend at Hilton Anatole, Texas.

US Rapha was competing in both the 3v3 Clan Arena and Duel competitions and for the first time in QuakeCon history one person takes both gold medals.

Shane's gather team - US thedream(SK.rapha, cl0ck, demex) had a heart-stopping match with the star-packed line-up of US WatchThis(viju, id_, gwc). Despite always being one step behind, Shane and his boys got their game together, equalised the match and took down their opponents by winning Campgrounds(dm6) as the last map in a dominant fashion.

Next up was the duel tournament which implemented a rather strange group system. Once that was done the playoffs were underway. There, Shane got a quick win versus US dkt and moved on to face the Russian threat, RU evil. "The final before the final" saw rapha dispose of his rival with a score of 2-1 which let him progress to the winner bracket final. Evil Geniuses US DaHang did give SK's ace a hard time, but a perfect defensive rail shot on Cure sealed rapha's slot in the grand final.

Many were wondering how would RU evil pick his game up and showcase the same prowess that made him a monster during the last SE DreamHack and they were not disappointed. The Russian literally destroyed US DaHang and eager to avenge his 1/2 final loss stepped forth to face rapha for the crown of QuakeCon. Due to coming from the upper bracket Shane had a one-map advantage and no surprises here, chose Blood Run(ztn) as his "victory" map.

Staying true to his defensive, well-thought style, Shane was once again triumphant.

The final delivered everything fans expected as the Furious Heights(t7) game goes in the annals of QuakeLive as one of the best t7 matches in history as the action there was literally non-stop and both players showed everyone exactly why they are considered the best players in the world. Unfortunately, the Russian managed to break rapha's composure and equalise the map score 1-1. Coming strong from his victory, evil carried his momentum onto the next map - Cure, where he controlled the pace from the start and took another victory over his opponent.

Back against the wall, US rapha played a brilliant Lost World(dm13) game and patiently calculated his aggression until the 8th minute when the Russian made a positioning mistake, allowing rapha to take the lead with two rocket shots. From that point on, the American was in control and visibly regained his confidence and came at the Russian head-strong in the last map - Toxicity. There rapha simply demolished evil with a 17-2 score taking his third QuakeCon title, equalising the record with his mentor, Quake legend and former SK ace - US John "ZeRo4" Hill.

USQuakeCon 2013 Duel Championship final standings:
1. US SK.rapha - 9,000$
2. RU 102.evil - 5,000$
3. US EG.DaHang - 3,000$
4. US ZeRo4 - 1,000$

Rapha and thedream with their cheque.

USQuakeCon 2013 Clan Arena 3v3 Challenge final standings:
1. US thedream(SK.rapha, cl0ck, demex) - 3,000$
2. US WatchThis(gwc, id_, viju) - 2,000$
3. US Counter Measure(ZeRo4, kgb, NemesiS) - 1,000$

US Rapha is standing tall as one of the two people with three QuakeCon duel titles and the first person to win both the duel and team competitions. Congratulations Shane!



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