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Interview with's Yellowpete

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Mar 14, 2012 10:55's AD Carry, also known as Yellowpete, was interviewed by where he speaks about himself, solo queue and league of legends in general.

A couple of months ago Counter Logic Gaming picked up a second League of Legends team, which looked quite promising. EU Counter Logic Gaming EU were well known in the community, since they showed their strenght in several skirmishes and they managed to win the "Kings of Europe" online tournament. Unfortunately, have not been able to demonstrate their strenght in any offline tournaments yet.

As this team surely is one of the top teams, team dignitas managed to interview's very own DE Peter 'Yellowpete' Wüppen. Yellowpete is known as an outstanding solo queue player. His calmness in solo queue games make him a showpiece as a player and the majority of the community should learn how to behave ingame by watching him (oh his stream).

Although Yellowpete is an excellent player, this interview is mostly focused on him as a person, because most of the game-relating questions are answered in his FAQ.

Since had a chance to interview this intresting person, lets sneak a peek at some questions.

You recently joined with this well-known line-up with many expectations. What are your personal goals regarding your team?

"The thing I hope most for is that the atmosphere within the team stays as relaxed and positive as it is now. Having gone through many teams myself and observing even more of them I can definitely tell that this is the most important aspect of having a good time while playing the game. Of course it does not stop there - I also hope for the most possible success within tournaments and such and I honestly think we have the potential to pull that off.

As for myself, I am very happy I could join this team not only because of the aforementioned reasons but also because the popularity and other benefits that come with it actually justify spending that much time on it."

Do you think that it is easier to carry your team as AD carry not only in but also in Solo Queue?

"I personally always found AD carry to be a very impactful role in SoloQ. Maybe that is just because I have been playing it pretty much exclusively for a lot of time now, but I found myself making the difference between winning and losing in a lot of games on that role.

As for team games, there is rarely something such as "carrying" that doesn't take around a heavy 5-man effort and strong teamplay even if one person ends up getting all the kills in the end. From an outsider's point of view it is nearly impossible to judge the contributions of a particular player to the team's success anyways. That is one of the reasons I strongly disagree with the concept of the "I carried XXX" T-shirts that are being given out on IEM events, for example."

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